Keventer’s, Darjeeling

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There was a super big queue, definitely the tourist.
If you possibly go early may not have to wait in the crazy queue.
If you want to have a table with view the wait continues

It’s super hyped up place, i just wonder why we waited in hours for that “not that great but alight English breakfast”. Guess those crazy reviews in social media made our senses go blonde

You can totally skip this place if you don’t have much time to spend. I would suggest rather take a stroll in Glenary’s or Mall market

That’s uncle, sun bathing before his morning tea

We had a good conversation. He can be your super guide of Shillong. Best water falls to visit, tourist place and things to do, he knows everything.

That day I got 2 oranges from him. Whenever he saw me around he was like ” here you go”. I was famous for a day🤩

The place is really cozy, shared rooms with common washroom and friendly surroundings. Breakfast,lunch, dinner is provided with extra charges. You get to meet lot of solo as well as group travelers. If you are planning any local visit you will definitely find a travel buddy here

On the last day he gave me a warm hug and said “travel safe”. Never felt like we are far away from home. Pocket friendly cozy place which every backpackers can rely on.

Their special family member. PC:DD

Sleeping Buddha
She is an awesome cook, great host. Her tea house is super cozy
Nepal border
One second in India and next in Nepal, it was yet another international trip😉
Thongba Prototype


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Saleem is all focused on rowing
Behind the scene😃
Saleem might be small but rows the boat like a pro

Dawki river is one of the best and most memorable place to visit. 1 hr or more boating kinda lifta your spirit. Quick visit to Bangladesh makes your trip international. It’s one of the must visit place.

You may not get the best shot as sun is PMSing most of the time, this is one of the saddest part

2022 New Year And Sunburn

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The minute I walked in I wanted to go home. To be honest it sucked to the core.
DJ sucked, their songs were so overrated. One had to be high as sky to move those hips. We three, sober like monks stood and watched the freak show, hoping we can go home asap and drain those bottles eagerly waiting for us.

If you are from one of the metropolitan city you would have bored to death but for Meghalaya’s standard it was a hit.

There were people and then some crazy laughing lunatics 😎

ML 05 Meghalaya

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Brainstorming before the use
Met some cool Blore chicks🤩

Sorry we are closed” when we were welcomed by chef we were disappointed

“Come on now” let us in, we were disappointed after hearing all hyped up stories.

My bladder was about to blast. I blinked bt eyes, tilted my eyes and requested can I please use your washroom, it’s emergency.

And now you know how we got the entry. In our request and lot of coock and bull story we made it to the table and pizza

Staff is very pleasant , it’s open from 10am to 6pm

It’s way too hyped up place, if you are from metropolitan city, it’s a not big deal but you should definitely visit the place for Meghalaya Vibes

One of the must visit place. Church is so beautiful and serene. After the morning mass main door will be locked but there is this side door which is always open

Mass probably you won’t be able to understand unless you know the local language which is Khasi

WhyThere is this famous Don Bosco museum as well whic we sadly couldn’t visit. It’s one of the must visit place.


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Breakfast with view
It gave me Delhi vibes
Tilt your head for better view
Totally old Delhi vibes

After the treak we had couple of days at our disposal so we planned to visit Darjeeling from, it was just 4 hrs journey.

It’s nice place, can visit one time. Train whistle blowing every freaking second with free smoke traffic jams are common but people are used to it.

You should definitely try Nepali food from Nepali chulo, one of the best.

Post card picture
Inspiring. HMI is must visit place but sadly due to time constraints we couldn’t make it

Thongba in KalPokhari

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When pro drinks

Little, Colorful Munchkins

Posted: March 4, 2022 in Sandakphu
She is a fashion icon and have all potential to be a fashion advisor