Sacred Forest

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Those two kids need only chicken to paint their lips red.
This is why I am a trend setter, I Inspire People to be Unique
Nothing can stop the football match, not even the dark clouds
That’s Thukpa, one of the best
Pork with bambo had a strong kick of haldi else it was kick ass
Camera shy
Women are the ones who work hard in Meghalaya
One of my famous clickπŸ˜‰
Hi to strangers

Not The Pleasant Site

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Lucky Enough

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To get a good sleep you don’t need oak cot or fancy goose-feathery bed.

The Babe, Our Daily Visitor

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Tequi can never compete with The Babe

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Passing By Guwahati

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As we started our trek I was skeptical about walking for miles. Thanks to COVID I wasnt in good shape

Few kilometers and I was thinking “No I cant do it”. I was drained physically and exhausted mentally.

Rather than sitting and cribbing about it, I started coming up with a strategy. Energy bars, candies, quick breaks, water and self motivation kept me going. As I walked, enjoying the trail, wild flowers, beautiful mountains I realized how I missed the outdoor in last 2 years.

Our Trek guide. My non-stop questions, talks never made him lose his cool. He is very down to earth
That’s my trek-mates. 2 couples
Perfect Christmas Tree
Sleeping Buddha πŸ™‚

As we were approaching the check post our trek guide told us not to click any pics and behave ourself

High on energy I said to to the army guy “Good morning sir, how are you?”

No pleasant smile or grin, he scanned us and said “Where you guys are from?”

Still pumping on energy I said “Bangalore” while other’s whispered “Mumbai”, “Pune”.

Without taking much time he said “Bangalore lady take out your ID card”

That’s that, last time I mentioned Bangalore πŸ™‚

Break to catch my breath
Road signs were nice but couldnt beat Leh road signs
Red Panda Habitat
If you are not into trekking there road which takes you to Sandakphu
Post card picture
That’s Jameso
One of the best Teahouse. Good food, cozy and fun

Had A Peek At Bangladesh

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Beauty From Meghalaya

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