Had A Peek At Bangladesh

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Beauty From Meghalaya

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Tickets booked, bags packed I wasn’t sure I will board that flight to West Bengal. With COVID upgrading to new version I wasn’t ready to take the risk.

“How long I am going to play safe” my trekking gear was mocking me. With lots of prayers, masses, rosaries, holy water I boarded that flight.

Travelling alone its not a big deal to me, I kinda started loving it. Out of place and generation, total misfit to the surrounding may be, I still come out of my fox hole and try to explore on my own terms, no compromise whatsoever.

First time Airbnb in India, lot of googling, reading reviews, I ended up at Michelle’s lovely, peaceful place(Mulaqat) only few KM from Bagdogra airport. She is an awesome host with lot of travelling tips and suggestions. If you are a solo female traveller, her place is meant for you. She can arrange for a local auto pick up from airport which is hassle free.

Lost In The Mountain

After a peaceful night I was up on time geared up for my 2021 trek.

Broken bridge, crazy traffic, welcome to Bagdogra 🙂
Drive from NJP railwaystation to Kopidana was scenic
First glimpse at the landslide and we knew it this trek going to be challenging
Houses are colorful with varities of flowers, red, yellow,white,purple……
“bring some flower seeds” with my sister’s voice echoing in my ears I turned to be a famous flower thief.
TTH is the best, good food, best trek guides and royal treatment

To Be Continued

Behind the scenes
Getting the guy into warrior mood. Couple of suggestions he would have stabbed with his sword

Sweethearts From The Trail

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Met this dude at Khalipokri
She was unstoppable, 11km at a stretch, she was awesome company
Catching breath with my partner
2 more hardcore trekkers joined us
She bid farewell after sometime
He kept on going, nothing could stop him
Fed him biscuits, motivated him throughout with my non stop Talk
He posed for couple of pictures too
Jack wasn’t shy at all, too friendly and loving
Finally with the Pack
That’s Jacks girl friend, whom he tries to woo. But she doesn’t give a budge to him.
Convincing everyone for a decent pic wasn’t easy at all

When You Pose With Pro

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