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Ladies I MET……………

Posted: August 7, 2013 in POEM
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I was in school was eager to experiment

I was told that few things makes you impure

Thats when I became slave to BEER

I love you my darling, you are always my first wife!!!

Smiled watching dishes which I didnt had a clue

with family members all around seated

My heart started jumping higher and higher

when my eyes fell on familiar and sexy WINE

Drinking plain juice I didnt know anymore

High with emotions and feelings

I danced, sang half of the time I didnt had a clue what I did!!!

Thats how I met my mistress VODKA

With my closed nose with heavy cold

breathing and eating through mouth not easy

I tried hard to smile looking at the beauty

While proud BRANDY made love to me

BMW brand shone in the sun rays

3 floor house stood there reflecting its richness

haunted by loneliness I sit in private my bar

  Italk and talk   while the pretty SCOTCH listens without any clue

Depression, tension, failures chase me

I didnt find comfort in my wife’s arm

That’s when I smooched WHISKEY

Everything looked so colorful just for a while

Now when I lift the glass and keep it to my lips

My body shivers at the memory

of the most beautiful ladies I met

WATER laugh and says “its time you come back to your mother, Sunny”

Those who jump on conclusion Please note, this poem is written in a guys point of view rather than mine)