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Zoovy stared at the approaching ship without uttering a word. She saw the crew were all set to fight. Her mind was clear, this was her chance to take the revenge she had planned for. She didn’t turn around when Caleb came and stood right behind her. With a false hope he tried to convince his life for the last time “Zoovy this is not your fight, I will handle this”. Caleb moved his hand in space helplessly seeing his determined wife. He touched her shoulder and said “ok, I will let you fight in my way. You will wait here till I give you signal”. Zoovy chuckled and said “you cant touch those 3 cannibals. They are mine”. Caleb saw the pain in her eyes and he knew how he can set his wife free from her nightmares.

Caleb and his men attacked his uncle’s ship. Caleb knew he can defeat them in fraction of second if only Zoovy was not there with him. Her presence on the ship worried him. He killed most of the men. He wounded his uncle and captivated him with his remaining men. Few of his uncle’s men flew when they realised that they are defeated. With whales around Caleb knew it they will never make it to the shores. He told his men to guard prisoners then he signalled for his wife. Caleb’s heart started to beat fast as he saw his wife scanning the prisoners thoroughly. His prisoners laughed and said “oh, What we have here???Same lass but fully clothed”. Then they all laughed. One of his uncle’s men said “she looks pretty without those clothes. I will be honoured if I get the chance to undress her”. Caleb slapped and walked towards Zoovy. He said “just tell me who laid their filthu hands on you I will handle this, they are filthy you cant stand this. You don’t have to do this trust me, I will take your revenge”. Zoovy was touched seeing her husband’s concern for her. She touched his arm and said “no Caleb, its my fight and only mine”.

She pointed out at the three prisoners and ordered to release them. Caleb stood there watching the emotions play on his wife’s face. He held his sword more tightly. He realised even Rall was clutching his sword more tightly and was praying silently. He knew he cant let anyone harm his wife.

He saw the three huge prisoners and his blood boiled. How he wanted to strangle them to death with his bare hand. He waited for Zoovy to act. They laughed at Zoovy and said “wowo, you fight lass? Why you want to fight lass? Because we killed your old man and dog or because we fucked you again and again?” All three laughed in unison. Zoovy’s eyes filled with tears and anger. She said with her steady voice “Na bastard because you don’t have right to live” .Saying that she swung her sword at them. They were huge and well built. They laughed and surrounded Zoovy. Caleb stood there watching his wife. All he wanted was a signal from his wife.

Zoovy swung the sword again and easily they escaped. Zoovy realised she have to plan to take those three cannibals down. She cornered one guy and swung the sword while with other hand she threw the dragger at other man’s leg. The man cried and held his leg with pain. She then focussed on remaining two men. She had few seconds before the wounded man gets up. She jumped and swung the sword with all her might wounding other man on his arm. Two down and one still standing Zoovy held her sword more tightly. She knew she had very less time. She took the gun which Caleb’s father gifted her and fired at the man in front of her on his leg. All three men down she took a minute to relax. She looked at Caleb with a smile on her face which clearly said “I didn’t fail myself”. She failed to see the man advancing towards her with the dragger. The man succeeded in wounding her back. She cried with pain and swung the sword at the man arm. She wounded his left arm badly and he fell to the floor. She then pull the dragger from his leg and kept in its place. She then turned towards other two who were trying to get up. She fired the bullet the gun at the second man’s groin and said “sorry about that”. She stood there watching the third man. He stood and said “you bitch, I will kill you..”.. Before he could complete she aimed her dragger at his left eye. His cry made it clear that dragger reached its destination.  She then walked towards the man who was holding his eyes and pushed the dragger deep inside. The man screamed with pain. Then she chopped his fingers and threw in water. Deck was flooded with the blood.

Caleb held his breath seeing his wife bleeding. She fell to the ground. Caleb was next to her holding her. She said “didn’t I fight well Caleb?”  Caleb said “don’t talk. Just lay here”. Rall was seeing her with teary eyes. Caleb signalled Rall and he moved to his place and held zoovy head in his arms. Caleb walked towards the three men lying on the floor and kicked one hard on his face. He cried with pain. He then opened his stomach with his sword and took out his intestine and tied it around his neck and pushed him into water. Second man started crying seeing Caleb advancing towards him. He knew he doesn’t have a chance. Before Caleb could reach him he ran towards the edge of the deck and jumped into the water. Before He could reach the water he hit his head to the side board and his skull opened. When Caleb walked towards the third man he stopped staring at him. There was no moment other than his unsteady breath. He dragged him and hit his head to the railing and then pushed him in water. He then stood there watching the scatted body parts and blood stream. His uncle chucked and said “how brutally you killed them only because they fucked this bitch!” Caleb slapped his uncle hard on his face and said “Careful what you say, she is my wife. Its time you learn how to respect women”. Saying that he kicked hard on old man’s stomach. He spit on Caleb’s face and said “over my dead body”.  Caleb kicked him till he was unconscious.

He walked towards his wife who was trying to keep her eyes open. Caleb knelt in front of her and said “you know how much I love you, don’t you?”. Zoovy smiled and touched his face with trembling finger and said with drowsy voice “I know Caleb but I love you more and more…”.  She lay in Ralls arm while Caleb ordered his men to get some bandage and needle. Today he was going to save his wife no matter what. He was ready to fight with death if necessary.

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When I headed to the waiting plane in my new clothes and a plastic bag containing my rob I realized I cant board the plane. I never wanted to regret not giving a chance to Caleb. Maffez smiled when I looked at him. Guess he was happy to see me board the plane safely. I held the plastic to my chest more tightly. I stopped then and there. I cant go home, I can never go home. What I will tell my pa? that I was raped? that Sam and Rex were killed in front of my eyes? How I will live in that painful surrounding which constantly will remind me of Rex and Sam? And there’s is Caleb how I can leave the man whom I love just like that?

I turned around and waved at Maffez. He came running. I said “take me back, to your master”. When he heard he went numb. He said “I cant do that. I have to follow his orders. Please go, board the plane”. I started walking towards the exit of the airport. He followed me saying “don’t do this. He will be furious”.

I was outside the airport now and Maffez was saying “there’s still time, go back to your home please”. I adjusted the scarf and covered my head and started to walk. When I felt Maffez is following me I said “don’t worry about your master, I will talk to him. Just take me home”.

When I saw furious Caleb holding the knife to Maffez I felt I made a mistake coming back. I looked at Caleb. He looked worried and angry. What he was angry at? When I faced me I was scared to the core. He was not  happy to see me!!! . When he held my wrist in his hand I wanted to run away from him. I never dreamt that he can be so angry after seeing me. His grip on my wrist was so tight that I thought I will lose my palm. I wanted to ask him the reason for his anger, I wanted to tell me that not to worry about me, I would have anything to put some sense in his head. My words gave up and died in my throat.

I was happy when Calebs father came for my rescue. Caleb still looked angry. Aleeba came to me and saw my wrist. It was paining and had become red. She said “look at this Caleb, what you have done!! You think shes one of your man to bear all that torture?”. Caleb didn’t stay there, He looked at me for the last time and went away. I know it will hours before he shows up.

Caleb’s father was looking at me with curious eyes. I said “forgive me sir for disobeying your command. I cant go home, i don’t have courage to face my pa. I told him about what happened to Sam, rex and me. He looked at me and said “I don’t have any objections for your stay. But this place is not meant for you, this is very dangerous place. Many people die with hunger and Caleb tries his level best to help his people. Even though he uses illegal method I support him because I know there’s no other way to save his people. Soon you will regret your decision of staying”. I said “no sir, please let me stay. I wont bother you in any ways.” I was begging now. My eyes were filled with tears. I know staying with people from different side of world is not easy but do I have any other option? He touched my head with love and said “sure, you can stay. But you have to follow our customs. I wont say you should do namaaz like us 6 time per day but you have to cover your hair”. I said “its fine sir I will follow your customs. Thank you for allowing me to stay”.

Rall came to meet me. His eyes were dancing with joy. Aleeba said “look at my grand-son, he is happy”. She turned towards me and said “wait till he comes back, then you two talk. He will understand”. I looked at Rall who was serious now. Aleeba said come with me, you will be staying with me in my house”.

When Rall came and said that Caleb is back Aleeba said to me “go girl talk to him. He must have calm down”. I looked at Rall and he said “follow me, I will take you to his house”. When we were outside I said “hows he Rall? Is he still angry?” Rall said “you have to find out that, I never talk to him when he is angry”. When we reached Caleb’s house I was scared. I didn’t know what to tell him. Rall knocked his door .Caleb turned around and said “he stays alone, he doesn’t like anybody staying with him”. There was no response. Rall said “you go in he is there. I will come after some time to take you home”. I took my all courage to enter Calebs house. It was very clean. I saw 3 doors adjacent to hall and was confused which one to enter when I saw Caleb standing in the hall. He looked at me with questioning eyes. Second time in a day my words died in my throat. He started to walk towards me and I took few steps back. He stopped and said “so you are scared of me now? Nice, Do you know what you have done coming back here? You ruined your life. This is not some fancy place to spend your summer holiday. This is the reality”. I said “Caleb, I am sorry to disappoint you but I couldn’t go home. I didn’t have the courage to face my dad. I told him about the incident .When I was finished he looked at me and said “you are running away from the reality and hiding here. Your father will be worried about you. Don’t you want to see him?”. I said “I don’t want to go back to my house. If you have any problem with my stay I will go away but I wont go home”. Saying that I started to walk away. Caleb took few steps and blocked my way and said “did I ever say that I have problem with your stay?” With Caleb so near I lost all my sense. I looked in to his caring eyes and smiling face. All I wanted to do was stand there and look at him. My hands itched to touch his cheek. He stopped smiling and was serious now. I looked in to his lips. Ohh I shouldn’t have done that. Those lips were tempting. My heart was beating fast, my hands were itching and my lips were going crazy. I closed my eyes and counted 10. With my little self-control I pushed him away and started to walk. He said “wait, I will walk to you to Aleebas house”. As I didn’t have courage to look at him I kept my back to him and said “its ok, Rall said he will come”. Before he could say anything I walked, I walked with more speed. I wanted to cool down myself. I heard the waves and stared walking towards the sea. I looked at the sea , deep blue water. How it used to come to the shore and wet the sand. I sat there in silence and saw the game. Rex loved playing with water. When we return from sea shore I used to bath him again. He loved water all the time. My mind rolled back with time and I was lost for a while

When Caleb stood there facing me I came to reality. One look at him and I know that he was angry.Rall stood at a distance. I stood and said “what happened? Why are you angry”. He held my shoulder and said “last time I am telling you this, don’t make people worry for you, they have better work”. I said “ I never made anyone worry about me”. With the sea near and memories haunting I couldnt take it anymore, my cheeks were wet with my tears. I said “in fact there’s no one left alive to worry about me other than my pa. May be even he stopped worrying for me thinking I am dead. You don’t worry you will be the last person to be bothered about me”. With that I stared to walk away but I couldn’t as he was still holding my shoulder. He loosens his grip but never let it go. I said “let me go Caleb. I am tired, I am dead tired. Please let me go”. He let me go and took few steps and blocked my way and said “next time you take Rall with you wherever you go”. I opened my mouth to answer him but he cut me and said “this is my order, hope you will obey it as you are on my land now”. I looked at him and thought its waste arguing with him. Rall said “come lets go home”.

I walked with the knowledge Caleb still stood there watching my disappearing back. I just wonder I he always like this or only on some occasion

My life on Somalian land will be bad????Caleb is furious about wht?i will never see my pa?

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