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Caleb saw the deep blue water and remembered Zoovy. He smiled thinking how he missed seeing her. Even though she had gone through a bad time her spirit was still alive. He liked that thing about her. Whenever he sees the un-healing pain in her eyes his heart shout in dismay. It was then he decided he will protect her till he dies.

As it was early morning it was very cold . One of his men came and said that they spotted a big ship. Caleb got attentive and ordered his men to be alert. They covered their face and got ready with their guns. Caleb checked his dragger whether it’s on its place. He remembered Allah and ordered his men to attack the ship.

“Sunshine” was the name of the vessel. She was huge and a beauty. Caleb hardly took any time realized that it’s an American Vessel. He ordered few of his men to swim and approach the vessel and few of his well-trained men left in 4 different speeding boats towards the big vessel in different directions. Those who were there on the ship sailed back home. Caleb knew its not an easy task. He had hijacked the vessel before but compare to others this was a huge vessel. Caleb saw moments on the deck. As it was early in the morning he was sure he wont be having much trouble. As Cargo ships doesn’t have much security it’s always easy to hijack those ships. Caleb held his breath as the fog was clearing he was sure the person from the deck can see the speeding boat approaching the vessel. He was thinking of a plan when he saw one of his man hit the person on the deck. Person was fighting but he was no match to his man. But before falling to the ground he had shot bullet in the air. Caleb knew it he has very little time to reach the vessel. He increased the speed of the boat. He was almost on the deck when the sailors in the ship started firing. All of his men were on the deck. Few of them were trying to go inside. But due to firing that task looked impossible for that moment.

Caleb had a plan to defuse the opponent people. He threw one dynamite bomb at them. They hardly had any time to realize what’s happening when the bomb went wild. It was a plus point to Caleb and his men. They captivated the men and held them as prisoners. Few of them were hurt in the blast. He told his men to attend their wound. Caleb was a bad man but with good principles.  His men were all around the place now. He put the ship on anchor and spoiled the engine. They bought all the sailors on the deck and made them sit together in a line. He treated the prisoner well.

After negotiation On Caleb’s demand ship company agreed to pay 8000million $ . As decided 2 people came in small yacht with the cash. As soon as those men got on deck they handed over the bags filled with cash to Caleb. Few of his men went to the yacht to check if there are any intruder. It was then the firing started from the yacht. Caleb knew it those Americans never let him go peacefully. He threw few bombs at the yacht and it charred to ashes within fraction of second. Prisoners on the deck were all scattered and even they started firing at Caleb and his men. He was so absorbed in the firing he didn’t realized somebody was aiming at him. Before the bullet come and hit his left arm one of his men came for his rescue. Blood was running out of the wound. Caleb was grateful to the man who risked his life to save his masters life. He just picked the man put him on his shoulder and reached his speeding boat. Few of his men were wounded in the firing but all were out of danger. As soon as they reach their boat, they started the engine and increased the speed. Caleb knew with the broken engine and burnt yacht they will never be followed. Caleb just reached his boat and he felt something unusual. He kept the wounded person on the boat and turned him around. He had seen those eyes before he felt. Slowly very slowly he pulled the cloth which covered the face of the man lying down in front of him. His face was ashen. He said “what the hell Zoovy, what are you doing here?”. Zoovy smiled in spite of the pain touched Caleb’s cheek and said “I wanted to make sure you are ok, Caleb. You always take care of others never thinking about you and your safety. I want you to know there are people who care about you”. Zoovy eyes were closing and Caleb was yelling. His men were sad to see their master in pain. To stop the bleeding they tied one cloth around Zoovys arm.

Caleb held Zoovy tightly close to his heart. He cursed himself for her pain, her wound. He touched her face and said “I am sorry I failed you. I vowed that I will never let a single soul harm you yet you are here in my arms battling with life. Don’t leave me Zoovy I need you, please Zoovy I am begging you. Stay with me”

(Still the story is interesting like before? or sad and boring like your college lecture? i would like to know so please do tell me)