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Its 9:45, sun is up, flies and birds are busy,freshly fried Vada is just dipped in the sambar, rich-peoples-high-breed-dogs have coloured the street with their poop, people are running to their office to read-delete, overly-filled mailbox, sales girls from famous jewellery shops are trying to walk fast maintaining their swan like, graceful walk, while busy talking to the mouthpiece of their headphones, garbage collecting van is waiting to swallow up the dirt of whole city with its mighty jaws, labourers are trying their level best to give a sexy-weighed-down look to the stinking-dirty church street road, waiters are glaring at the passerby, standing in front of their restaurant they work for, bracing them-self for another busy day, security guards are lost in their dream land imagining but eyes are all focused on the road while I still sleep with my butt flat on the floor. Are you jealous of me? Dont be, day time I guard my store with broad smile on my face , wagging my tail and night I guard my store grunting my teeth trying to see the invisible. Ever seen any hard working pet like me.

Feel free to stop by my store, it opens only after my nap time. Tada!

church street

Bangalore’s famous, most happening Church street, Mg Road cordially invites to have a dip in their famous huge swimming pool surrounded by cafes, pubs and shopping lanes; on the happy occasion of their swimming pool coming back to life after so many days. CHEEERS to  Bangalore RAIN.

As we don’t discriminate humans based on sex,24/7 the pool will be open for ladies and gentleman.

Ladies kindly carry your swimming suit and Men your swimming trunks. Puffy turkey towel, floaters don’t forget, the more pool stuff you get the more you will enjoy. Church street guarantees on your 100% happy time, if you’re a coffee person Mateo will be delivering their famous Iced Tea and cheese cake; If you’re a beer person you are spoilt with multiple choice Alibi, Ginger tiger and newly opened BLUE Frog(Hope they don’t serve frog). I am sure they have those fancy, well decorated cocktails with baby umbrella as well; If you want have burgers smally’s Resto cafe will be at your service while Doughnuts fans can rely on Krispy Krème, panwala with tons of varieties will be waiting for your order.

Huge scary looking men dressed in coal black will be responsible for your safety. They can be security guard or Life guards(in case your drowning(hope they know swimming)) based on the situation. Hoysala police will be taking rounds with eagles eyes; waiting with their van to pick up the trouble makers. Namma Metro, Cabs and autos will be ready when you are ready.

So make use of this golden opportunity and hurry before the swimming pool closes for summer. As we cant give assurity of walkers kindly take care of yourself from the traffic and the pool.

Bangloreans Hurry up, Clock is ticking and Seasons are rolling