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I didn’t know how long I stood there watching the boat disappear with the woman I started to like. I looked at the sky and realized that my life will be full of dark clouds. I sat on the cold sand and tried to feel the warmness of the sand. I felt my whole body shiver with cold. I looked around when I heard the footsteps. When I saw the familiar figure I continued staring the vibrant sea.

Rall said “you shouldn’t have let her go. You see I had a strong feeling that last minute you will change your mind and make her stay. I like that woman of yours”. Caleb stared at Rall and opens his mouth to correct him but the words died in his throat. Rall continued “Sometimes no need to talk about your feelings, your actions tell them loudly and more clearly”. Caleb looked at Rall and thought how fast the kid he held in his arms grown up to a young sensible boy. Caleb said “I couldn’t make her stop, if she wanted to stay I wouldn’t have said anything. But you see she doesn’t belong here. This place is not meant for her.” Rall said “with you around not even a leaf could have harmed her. You always sacrificed your life for your people. There’s nothing bad in loving somebody and being loved in return”. Caleb didn’t say anything. He knew it he lost the woman he cared forever. May be this is what Allah wanted. He looked at the sky with a fake hope. Rall sat beside him facing the sea. Caleb thought even Rall miss Zoovy like him. Caleb doesn’t know how long they sat in that position. When Aleeba found them there she said “Allah, get going boys, its too late. Caleb hold your tongue before I cut into pieces. You need rest.” Caleb thought who can argue with old Aleeba. Three of them started walking towards their home with their own worry. A silver lining in the dark sky was unnoticed by them was smiling behind their back.

Caleb was restless with every minute. Maffez should have been back by this time. He checked the watch again. It was almost 10 in the morning but no sign Maffez. He wanted to know whether the woman of his life safely boarded the plane. He started to pace.

It was 11.00 when finally Maffez showed. He looked worried. When Caleb saw his ashen face he said “what happened tell me now, is she fine? did something happened? Did my uncle Zuhed men attacked you? Maffez took his time to answer while Caleb’s mind thought all the possibilities. He felt for the first time that he shouldn’t have sent her with his man. He took his dragger and held it to Maffez throat and said “before I do something stupid speak up”.

When he heard somebody say “I never imagined you can harm a innocent man for not answering your question” his released his breath which he was holding with a relief. His heart started to beat in its normal speed. Zoovvy stepped forward and removed the scarf which covered her face and said “I am fine, nothing happened to me”.

Caleb hid his joy and held Zoovys wrist in his hand and said “tell me woman, what you are doing on my land. I thought I already made it clear that I don’t want to you here. He tightened his grip on her hand and said “nobody disobeys my command”. Zoovys eyes filled with tears against her will. She tried to move away and said “let me go Caleb you are hurting me”. Caleb looked straight into her eyes and said “not until you answer me”. Zoovy realized they had huge spectators. Not that she cares but she felt somewhat odd to answer him in front of his whole clan. Caleb closed the distance between them and came closer to her and said “you know what you have done?”. Zoovy feared for the first time that she made a huge mistake coming back

When Calebs father said “let the woman go” Caleb released her wrist and cursed loudly.

Why Zoovy didn’t go home? why she came back? what made to change her mind?

(may be most of you expected this….pretty predictable story????i dodnt know…wait till the end and then you decide…Sorry for the delay….)