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Cup Of Coffee

Posted: November 11, 2018 in STORY
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I have never been a morning person until recently. I used to be an owl, watching movies late night, watching anything, interesting or boring and scrolling through the life events of, array of strangers residing in my storage folder named “friends” on one of many  the social networking platforms. Carefree, I was a super free, loud spirit. But now,  I am a quiet sobered spirit who hates the company of annoying, talking creatures with 2 legs and with frequent common headaches, looks like 30’s finally got me. Thanks to my job I am up by 5AM, now I am a rooster, F*** rooster!.

I was waiting for my bus at the stop meant for our company bus, observing the Bangalorean’s get busy with their day, some running to catch the bus while some returning back from their morning walk, dogs on their walk with their owners. I was lost in my own world gaping like an ape, when I saw a man walking with three dogs towards me. My sulking serious face lit up like a 100V bulb when I saw the golden retriever wagging his tail.

“Can I pat your dog?” I couldn’t resist and asked the owner who was may be in his 30’s. I couldn’t be sure though. Tiny eyes, oval face, that thick curly beard; if not for the face it was attached to, could have easily been a cozy nest for a bird. Water effect or age effect his head was like half-moon with center part shining like St Francis Assisi. He had these side locks, at the side,  “ drug addict?!!” no I wasn’t judging but yeah, that thought crossed my mind.

“Sure go ahead” he was all friendly.

I was patting his dogs, not whole heartedly though, when he said “Pat properly, don’t be stingy”. I love dogs but sitting in the bus for an hour, without washing my hand afterwards is really not my thing.

“Sure, sure” I chuckled and did what he suggested.

“That’s nice” he said, satisfied.

“What is his name?”

“He is chocolate, this is .. and she is” he said all three names back to back so softly that Chocolate is all I could catch. If it was me by now even the passerby would get to know the dog’s name. As I didn’t want to embarrass myself by asking him  to repeat the names I said “How lovely”.  This is what I have learnt, if you can’t make out what other person is saying just say “wow”, or “Awesome”.

“Bye Chocolate” I said patting him one last time. “See you soon” I always find it easy to talk to dogs than humans

“Bye” he said.

“Bye,  see ya” Thank god I didn’t say my farewell dialogue “Bye bye, have a nice day, see ya soon, take care.” Its habitual, I try avoid saying this to strangers especially men because next thing you know they will ask your phone number and send friend request, eat up your personal space  and suffocate you.

I cleansed my hands with the hand sanitizer, smiling and watching them disappear


Next day I wasn’t sure I would meet chocolate again but there he was wagging his tail, all smiles to see me.

“Hey chocolate, how are you?” I asked the dog patting his head. I patted the other two dogs as well just saying “Hey”, “hey”. It was bad on my part but at the moment I was ok with it.

“He is happy to see you” The guy said. His one shoe had one colored lace and the other a different color. His nest like beard had a gray hair which I noticed that day. May be he is in a music band and dopes before his performance, and bangs his head, may be just in my thoughts

“Bye, see ya tomorrow” he was gone and I was busy rubbing my palms with sanitizer.


So will he come today I was already wondering while waiting for my bus. Deep down I am still a woman with fucked up hormones. I wanted to bang my head to the nearest tree. I looked impatiently but there was no sign of him or chocolate, yeah I was disappointed. I don’t know whom I missed, the dog or the dog owner.

Couple of days passed and I didn’t see him or his dogs, I didn’t forget about them but they occupied the back row of my brain, at the back but still very much in the main frame.


It was Monday; I was still yawning and was in a trance when he walked with his dogs.

I smiled and said “morning”.

“Good morning, how was your weekend?” he was full of questions

“Nothing great, just warming up my bed” how was yours? I asked him, patting Chocolate

“I went on trek”

“TREK????Boy oh boy you TRREEKK?”. Finally I meet the man of my fate, we can trek together. My mind was already a running wild horse with no reins.

“So where did you go?” I was super interested to know

“Nandi Hills” tusssss the air from my balloon was gone. Every Gopala-Ramesh-Manjunatha from Bangalore goes to Nandi hills, it is not a freaking trekking place, it’s a make out place for young couples, morning long drive for young people and relaxing place for old aged.

“hmmm, you can’t call it a trek” I corrected him.

“Oh yeah, it’s a drive,  sorry” hmmm  hmmmmmm.

“ok, I love treks actually” I was opening up against my rules. Never tell strangers specially men about your likes because next thing you know they will ask your number, send friend request and suffocate you……

“wowow, you do?wow you have a group or something?”

“Yeah, I tag along sometimes” what’s  got into me?

“Wow, nice” he seemed interested to know more. Turn off, when guys ask more questions than me it kinda freaks me out. I want a listener not the counter questions shooter. That’s why I prefer dogs over men.

“Bye, c ya tomorrow, Bye chocolate” I said turning to check on my bus

“By da, c ya, have a nice day”. Adding “da” at the end of each sentence is a Bangalorean’s thing.  He walked away then stopped, turned towards me extended his hairy hand and said  “by the way I am Arjun” very much like in a  hindi movie, how fancy!!. I smiled and caught his hand in mine and told my name. The hand shake was firm, nothing much. I was smiling, sorry correction, blushing,  that was the first time in my life time a guy  that too a total stranger seemed 10% interested in me. I giggled like moron while still waiting for the bus.

I giggled all the way to office remembering the intro part.

Like expected I told my friend and had a good laugh.

“Babe may be he is interested, ask him out on coffee” my friend encouraged me.

 “I am done asking guys out, not anymore”. In my 20’s I had asked couple of guys out because they wouldn’t ask me.(Total bad ass of me). One didn’t know about my existent and other …who cares, I don’t even remember his face.  I was independent, sophisticated, bold, working woman and I did what I felt was right. I didn’t waiti for the right moment, I just made the moment right. That was in the past, I was crazy (still I am but not to that extent). Now I am a just a silent boring person, to add on.

30+ but none have asked me out so far. It was troubling me for a few months now, every time  I saw those teenage girls walking with their boyfriends wearing half torn and cropped clothes, the troubled feeling would creep in. I wanted a man to ask me out just for once before I age bit more.


“Shit, I didn’t iron my pants properly” I was cursing and walking, looking at the wrinkles on my white cotton pants.

“Who care anyway? No one ever looks look at me” true fact.

I was waiting for the bus when Arjun walked with Chocolate.

“Morning” I said “Hi Chocolate, how are you today”. Chocolate seemed happy to see me

“Morning, nice pants, are they rayon?” pants!! Really? rayon!!!? . Does he want to touch them,feel the fabric  and then may be  wants to get into them, pervert A** H***!

“na, cotton, I suppose” I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react. I fu* *** hate it when people comment on my clothes and my looks.

“They are actually nice” definitely he wants to get into my pants or who in his right mind will comment on pants?! or maybe these days people do? not that I am aware of

“hehehehehe, thanks” no I didn’t tilt my head and smile like a lady,  instead I laughed like an moron.

“Bye then c ya” I still don’t know how to take compliments from men

“Bye” he said and paused for a while, he looked a bit uncertain.

I looked at him, he took a step back and opened his mouth and for some unknown reasons I knew what he was going to say. Like how I can predict the dialogues from movies before even they are said.

 “May be we can have a cup of coffee sometimes” he said looking at me. ”I mean if you are ok with it”.  

That was a victorious moment for me because finally a guy had some b*** to ask me out. I was over the moon.

“No rush, take your time” he was really understanding, considerate, when I took time to reply.

“I need..” Where the heck is saliva when required? My mouth was dry and I wanted some water to take away the dryness “I need  time to think actually”, finally I said it in broken sentence

“Sure, think about it and let me know. Have a nice day” he smiled and walked away with his dogs.

If not for the public place I was in, I would have jumped with joy “A guy asked me out!!!!, a freaking guy asked me out!!!!!!!” I was smiling like a full moon. May be it is not a big deal to most of the women but it was for me, no I didn’t like the guy, no I wasn’t in love with him or his dogs but he asked me out for what I am, what I looked like(and may be because my mouth was shut) That means what,  I am still pretty? or charming? Or interesting? In my 30’s!!!! Or he just wants to get into my white cotton pants?

“You should definitely go babe, you have never been on date, go, have some fun” my friend was happy for me

“But you know he asks lots of questions, he has sidelocks”

“That’s alright, you are not marrying him, it’s just a date”

“hmmm, he commented on my white cotton pants. I still need time to think” I always analyze things upside down and downside up

“relax, it’s just a date. Stop over thinking”

“hmmmm, he might be married, or may be a divorcee or a playboy”

“Stop it, beggars can’t be choosers remember this!!!”

“May be he is a rapist”. What?! So you mean to say I am a beggar?”

“Think about it, you are not getting any younger, he seems to be a nice guy.”

“hmmmmm, hmmm, I am getting old, hmm”I sighed, whom was I kidding anyways.

So what is the harm in going out with Arjun. If lucky I can walk his dogs, I was weighing the good things. If this is called being optimistic I was learning it with mind body and soul


“So what have you decided?” Arjun asked looking at my face next day.

Avoiding his eyes I said “yes, sure why not” I wasn’t still sure, but then having a cup of coffee with a guy with 3 dogs seemed a bit harmless. May be he can bring Chocolate along.

“Awesome, so how do we do this, can you give me your number?”

“No, we will decide the time and meet” call me old school but that’s ok.    

I was excited, against my stubborn will power, my mind wondered with imaginations, we walking the dogs in the morning, long drive to Nandi hills, may be a movie on Sunday after a brunch at Glens Bake House, may be a after party, after his performance . Definitely no treks with him!!

He knew where I was from, where I worked but I knew nothing about him except that he owned 3 dogs and probably was probably  a junkie(according to my imagination). I didn’t ask any of these questions, I was still respecting his space, one of the things I have learnt, respect other’s privacy like how you want them to respect yours. It looked to me that I was the only one who acted upon it and the world seemed to be busy with its own needs.


I was excited about the date, my first date, actual date with a guy. I let my mind wonder back and forth like a swing. Days passed and there was no trace of Arjun. I was a bit disappointed. May be he chickened out? or maybe he got some other white cotton pants to get in? Coffee was getting cold and Arjun was nowhere to be seen, in my mind, on our first date. Finally one morning he showed up and I was wondering whether he will talk about the coffee but to my disappointment he didn’t. Yes, I was sad

Meanwhile I did a lot of thinking “Did I want to go out with him because he was the first guy who asked me out or maybe because he has three dogs or maybe I really like him?” Call me old fashioned, but I still have old  rusted believes. Don’t be obliged to do things but do it because your heart wants it.  

“No big deal, go out it is just a cup of coffee, just enjoy the feeling” my friend was encouraging me

“But babe, if things turn bad I have to get up at 4 to walk and wait at the next stop,  just to avoid him. Imagine that, I will be sleep deprived and a total zombie.”

“You are funny, no wonder he asked you out” friends like her make me feel special.

“hmmmmmm hmm, let me think about it” my hair would have turned gray considering the overthinking on the subject.


I was talking to my bus-stop-mate when Arjun walked, followed by chocolate.

“Hi there, morning.” He slowly said just so that, only I could hear

“Hi, Morning, how are you?”,

“good, good” I was sure my bus mate still could hear us. He walked a little further and hesitated for a while, I smiled and walked so that my bus mate couldn’t hear us. Sometimes all you have to do is relax and follow the lead like in Waltz.

“So about that coffee..” he said softly. It hit me then, junkie or not he was a nice guy, and he was being really considerate. He was a fine gentleman. I was glad for the moment, he asked me out

I paused for a second and scratched behind my ears because I didn’t know what to do with my hand. Even though I knew I will regret it later I picked my words carefully “I am sorry Arjun, it is not really my thing. Really sorry” There I said no to a nice hearted guy.

“ohh Really!?no problem, c ya, have a nice day” saying he walked

“Bye, you too” I took a deep breath, may be I struck off something from my list but felt sad to say no to someone, it’s harder than saying yes, but  saying no should be easy, I thought, it definitely isn’t !


It’s been months now I haven’t seen Arjun or Chocolate. Sometimes I wonder may be he couldn’t face me with his wounded ego,  so he changed his walking route or may be changed his walking time. Whatever might be the reason glad I don’t have to get up at 4 to avoid him. Little sad,  yes, but more happy that I didn’t have  that cup of coffee with him.