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Ugrasen Ki Baoli

Posted: March 12, 2018 in Delhi
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Miss L said “Lets see what is there in the TV”, changing the chaneel, lying lazily on the bed.

“Get up, hurry, we need to see this Baoli” I said looking ta the watch

“What is that?” she was that interested to visit.

“Its Baoli Loly, Baoli. Eiffel Tower nahi tho kya hua, Baoli hi sayi (May not be Eiffel tower I am ok with Baoli) . In PK they have shown and I am sure it will be in future movies as well. We can boast later saying “been there”. Come on Hurry”

“Really SnL?Do you know you sound crazy?”She was still on bed, not convinced at all.

Please Loly, Please, lets go” Yeah, I was begging. Its one of the attraction as well.

After lot of begging and maskafying(buttering) we both were o n the way to Baoli. Convincing Miss N was like breaking a iron bun I didnt bother. “Have fun you two and let me know hows it” she had said

As soon as we reached we were hit by Pigeon shit smell and welcome by Pigeons welcome song and shit

“Really SnL?!!” Miss L said and rolled her eyes.

Please dont tell Nisha, lets lie saying it was the best, please. I dont want to hear her say “Told ya, I am always right”.

“Crazy you are” She said while I just grinned

When empty bottles hook up together, Thank you people for your help else we wouldn’t have been met, that too with empty pockets.

Olden days it used to be water storage place but now sheltering all the pigeons

Mainly you can find couple catching up on the current news and touching up on future cause, you can totally skip this place.

Dhobi ghat

Avoid visiting India Gate on weekends, its like car festival, crowded. You can see people taking a dip in the water like its holy Ganga

We saw the crowd and we were quiet:)

There is the India Gate

Historical monuments are phenomenal, all thanks to the artist.When we just explored 0.5% of Delhi, rest is still yet to be explored. Next time may be. That’s was that.