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Sanie put on her glares and looked out of the window. She looked at her brother whose eyes were focused on the road. Sanie didn’t had the courage to break the silence. It was after one week Sanie decided that she will go back to London. Her dad didn’t say much other than nodding his head. She begged him to forgive her for what she has done. His words were still pricking her like thrones “One word was enough. I thought we were best friend and you loved me. Looks like you don’t love me anymore”. Sanies mother had said “hope you know what you are doing!!!”.

Sanie looked at her bother again. She couldn’t take it anymore and broke the silence “I know what I did was wrong but….i didn’t had any choice”. Her brother kept his eyes on the road and said “don’t say that, not now. You had choice Sanie, you had”. He stopped the car in front of the airport. He helped Sanie with the luggage and said “Think twice before you do any silly mistake”. He hugged her and before she could say anything he was gone.

Left alone Sanie thought “This is what happened if a gal loves a guy truly. Parents fail to understand her and the guy whom she loved dumps her”. Sanie put her head phone and walked .


As soon as Sanie reached London first thing did is to check Jakes apartment. As she expected it was empty. She wanted some answers for her questions from him. It was then Sanie realized She never going to get her answers. She tried to forget her past and forget the dark shadow of Jake. She still didn’t feel like taking of the chain given by Jake.

She didn’t realize how the time went as she was busy with her work. Whenever Jakes memory used to haunt her she used go for a smoke. It didn’t take her long to become an expert smoker.

Few times she even visited the pub in which Jakes used to sing with a false hope that she will find him. But to her bad luck she couldn’t find anything.

One Friday her team decided to go to a pub on northern side.  She ordered for Margarita sitting on the bat stool. She was watching merry crowd sipping her drink. Most of the people were dancing for the rock music. Her team members dragged her to the dance floor. She started moving her body in a rhythm. When she was tired she went back to her seat sat there watching the people bending their knees and moving their body. It very late and people were leaving when a guy came with a guitar and started playing the song

Storm coming people run I don’t care

Hail stones fall people run, still I don’t care

I rather die than be alone

Without you by side

Wonder how you are

Without me by your side

My lips miss your lips

Remembering the last kiss

How I wanted to stop you

When you walked never looking back

My fingers itch to play with your hair

How I long to be in your arms

Close to your heart, Oh Yeah I still love you

You make me complete

I am nothing without you

My heart beats fast remembering those days

You laying your head on my shoulder

I am alive because of the memories

How happy I was then with you

How miserable I am now without you


Sanie couldn’t sat on the chair. Her eyes were filled with tears. Slowly she stared walking towards the stage where the young guy was singing. As the lights were dim she couldn’t see his face. People around were statue listening to the love song. She was few towards away from the stage when lights came on and she saw the singers face. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Jake who was singing. When he stopped people showed their appreciation clapping their hands and whistling. Sanie stood there watching him. He looked breath taking as usual. With that gotty and full shaved head he was looking handsome than ever. It was then his eyes fell on her. Her cheeks were wet with her tears. His face was a mask of shadow. They stood there staring at each other talking with eyes. Its then one gal came running hugged Jake and kissed on cheek. Sanie stood there without blinking her eyes. Its then slowly she removed her chain around her neck and throwed at Jake and walked away. She escaped from the pub un-noticed as people were still cheering Jake. Jake bent and took the chain in his hand and looked at the way Sanie went.

Sanie was boiling when she realized where she was. She walked and walked. When she saw a bar at the far end she walked and ordered for hot drinks. She doesn’t even have a count how many she had. When she closed her eyes with her head banging she said “Bas…” before could complete the word she passed out.


When Sanie opened her eyes in strange place first thing she did was to check her clothes. She breathed  when she realized she is still wearing her clothes. Then slowly she recalled the incident. She sat on the couch and scanned the surroundings. When her brain was trying to recognize the place , the door opened and Jake came. Sanie stared at him. Sanie picked her bag lying beside the couch and stood. She walked to the door then she came back remembering something. She stood in front of Jake. Before he could say something she slapped him across his face twice and then she was gone.She felt words are unnecessary


Nothing bad than being in your ex-boyfriends house when he is dating someone. Sanie cursed her fate. She smiled remembering her outburst at Jake. If she had knife she would have stabbed several times. She touched her empty neck. She was bit amazed when she realized she did miss the chain. She told herself “its time you move on, he doesn’t deserve you”.


Next day morning Sanie was crossing the road when a speeding car came and hit her.  She was lying down on the road when the friver stopped the car and came out. Before drifting to sleep Sanie saw the face which she hated the most and said “There’s nothing left in me to hurt me Jake. Let me die in peace”. With that she closed her eyes



(What is happening?Finally SnL started writing happy ending???!!!!!)