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While on the highway, got goosebumps when I read Haryana, Gurgaon names.You dont have to be physically present there just listen to their names and you are scared

Its crowded like car festival, always

Every one has to go in a queue, food is not allowed:)

Its amazing to be there looking at the white beauty

I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty.

Look at the bees like human. Its crazy crowd. You will never get a shot without any one photobombing it.

The beauty cant be expressed in words

They scrubbed Taj clean with the special Multani Mitti, bought it from Turkey. Gold which decorated the dome was gone with British, self gifted, when they left India for good. There are many more monuments which has missing parts, the parts being taken away by British. Oh Dear!

Earth quake or Thunder storm, nothing can harm Taj, isn’t it awesome

During full moon Taj shines and one need special ticket to watch the magic.

Yamuna   flew quietly but gracefully remembering the olden golden days, leaving the track of her tears.

I am buffalo and I can walk anywhere I want because I am in UP. Freedom for human, double freedom for animals.

It looked like age of depression. Then black now turned into brown, never-seen-oil hair, face stained with sweat, water or god knows what substance, shabby clothes, standing and staring at something or nothing with blank expression.

Jodha Bai’s Palace

Its free entry for street dogs

Jodha Bai’s kitchen

Jodha Bai’s Palace

We could see Fatehpur Sikri from here

Fatehpur Sikri entance

According to our guide Akbar didnt kill Anarkali, rather he sent her to Lahore through this tunnel

Dead for long but visited every day by many

Bhar do jholi meri ya muhammad laut kar main na jaunga khali

Salim Chisti Dargah Fatehpur Sikri.

They say if you pray here whole heartily your wishes come true.

Our guide was taking us around and then he stopped in front of a man i rather say salesman and said “Now he will explain in the importance of Dargah”

The sales man who was selling chadar, which we have seen in Dargah said

“Buy this chadar, thread, visit the Dargah, your wishes will come true. Tie the thread to the window while offer the Chadar to god. The Chadar later is given to the needy”

On asking chadar costs he said 700Rs. :).

All mighty, rich, powerful good was in need of a chadar?

Anywhere you can make money is in religious place, in India, churches, temples and dargah.

Little bit of emotional blackmail and humans are in pocket.

So did I buy the chadar?hmmm, yes but cheap one. I am sure god wont sit and calculate different between 700 and 250.

Akbar constructed Fatehpur Sikri. Did you know Akbar had married a christian Mariam, a Hindu and many Muslim women, according to our guide who charged us 100Rs for his 1 hour walk through on Jodhas Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. We also assumed that he is a dealer in chadar business.

Buland Darwaza

If there is a Spitting game in Olympics, UP will defiantly will bring gold for India

10Rs give me and I will tell you a Shayari, the kid literally tortured me. This is when I gave him money and he gave me one of his best smile, obviously followed by shayari in super express mode

Few tips:

-Some guides are genuine but not all. They have tie ups with local shop keepers so be wise while buying things

-Fatehpur Sikri is very far from Taj. You can cover both in same day provided you leave early in the morning.

-We couldn’t visit inside Taj as there was a big queue. It was either only Taj or Taj and Sikri. We went with latter.

-UP sounds and looks dangerous, make sure your driver is trust worthy while hiring a vehicle. Delhi to UP highway stories are sickening.

-Some days are closed for public visit for Taj. Make sure you go on right day.

-Dress moderately, because its UP(Why to take chance when we can take precaution)

-Avoid any arguments with local