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Sun was just rising, it was very cold unlike Bangalore’s hot weather, it was a pleasant morning.  I was jittery and acting crazy. Not sure why the butterflies were flying so high in my tummy with occasional cracking sound from other exit. May be the butterflies were farting or may be I was, I am not sure.  I was a total nervous wreck. Will I be able to complete my trek?will my dad find out and blast out like the way he did on last trek?May be I will back on Mule? stretcher?. When the briefing was done previous day by TTH group of all possible scenarios I was lost. Oxygen level low, they send you back, cant walk Mule ride all the way back, worst condition stretcher. No one want to hear the worst possibility on the first day of the trek trust me.

Painting my face with Sunscreen 50+SPF, like others I was looking like a white walker with black eyes. With cross mark head to toe I was saying my rosary back to back, my hands were shivering. After picking my daily ration(refreshment for the trek) banana, biscuit and chocolates, we 21 members+guide+trek lead+2 other guides we started our trek. Nervous though I was confident I am going to walk, sipping water, peeing on the trail, taking small breaths.

This is before we burnt our face and nose in the sun

Locals are innocent people. When you meet the local people, greet them, ask them about their day. Be nice to them, like how they are nice to us.They may not like you clicking their pictures. Ask them, if they deny walk with a smile, you dont have anything to lose. They may not be educated but smarter than you.

Sun was just setting, weather was pleasant, it was 6.5 KM walk. No one could complain about the surrounding, smiling local people, whispering mountains and the complimentary wind.

I enjoyed the first couple of hours, you know, clicking pictures, stopping here and there to catch my breath. Its then the steep ascend started. I could hear my, as well as my fellow trekkers breathing. Every two step I had to stop.I opted for the mule to carry my backpack, so I dont know the real pain of carrying the backpack and walking.

These beautiful flowers are called as Buransh(RhododebDron), no matter how correctly you prnounce the name in Hindi, the local people will correct you with a smile. The juice made from these flowers is just awesome.No they dont make the wine:(

Oh, that’s me!!!

Our first break.

Pushkar Sir, our awesome guide. The guy treks nonstop, very knowledgeable and down to earth. With killer looks he has fantastic mountaineering skills.

The second break.

While you walk the path which hundreds would have crossed these beautiful flowers are the only one which welcome you to their terrain heartily.

Keep walking, sip the water, catch your breath.Repeat.

My peeing in the wilderness saga started here. I guess this was the first and only time I hated being woman. With pressure of drinking 2 liter water, my bladder was already whining. Modesty, oh yeah, I had locked it up back in Bangalore. I looked around for a spot and marked my territory proudly. It was just the beginning, trust me, I have peed on the whole trail.

They carry 60-70kgs weight and walk faster than us. The only transport you find in the mountains.

The first Maggi point.

Second Maggi Point

You can see Gangaji in the pic. Must say the food was really awesome. They were really nice and warm people. Stay was cozy, with only one solar light which lit up in the night. They had real wash room with real water. This was the last stop where our butts will see the water for the last time. Body already had its last bath in Lohajung

By 2 we were done with our lunch. It was very hot outside, temptation to go inside and lie down was insane but I tried and stayed with sipping water . Its recommended not to sleep during day time when you are on trek. When the sun was unbearable I went inside and dozed off keeping my eyes open. 

Evening around 4.30 after tea for acclimatization, we walked the small near by mountain. As we go higher the sea level we have to do acclimatization, so that our body gets used to the surrounding. Its on the way we picked the wood for the camp fire.

Mind blowing view was our bounty.

As we descended we had our soup and our first oxygen, heart beat check. Scared we all were but everything was under control except the uninvited mild head aches.

It is how we warmed up ourselves in the cold weather before going to bed.

Geethaji with her darling husband.

Geethaji and Gangaji’s hospitality was fantastic. For every problem they had a solution which they gave with smiling faces. During winter they dont stay in this village as the snow fall is heavy. They go to the other side of the village, where they spend their winter with their livestock.


Trekking Tips for the Day:

-Take small steps

-Take enough breaks, sip the water dont gulp it.

-Be punctual

-Be nice to your trek mates, try to make a conversation.

-Listen to the trek guide

-Carry energy bars or anything you fancy for the trek

-Sun screen 50+SPF, sun cap, water bottle is the must. 

-Respect the local people and their privacy.

-Dont litter on the ,mountains.

To be continued..

One last look at the Ganges

Colors they add spices to your life as well as your vehicle. Red, green, yellow, pink, you name it he has it.

“Bhayyaji, aapka naam kya hai”(What is your name Sir). Small talk, yeah I was doing that and certain extend I had mastered the art. “Kamiless”our thin but strong driver said spitting nth time from the window. Sweet, innocent people have only “Sha” problem, which they turn into “ss” while pronouncing.

NH58, one side rock and other side pit, but the drivers there are very skilled. Every turn he took I jumped from my seat thinking that is my last minute. There was a lady in the vehicles who started puking in Rishikess sorry Rishikesh, and went on , never stopping.Curvy road, rocky road he never cared, from start to end he drove in a same speed. With his driving skills I am sure he can bag first prize in auto racing, spitting through out the race, multi talented guy. 

I didnt utter a word when I saw the food, I started swallowing it. I on a scared journey to the mountains, If I want luxury I can get it at my door step in Chinaware.

The place is so beautiful it start to grow on you.


My prayers were on, asking my guardian angel to protect me, with sign cross over my broken bones, yes, I was cautious. 

I met my trek mates, most of them were in their early 20’s, most of them were Gujarathi’s, Tusssssss!!!!. Its better to have a similar age group or mixed one where the conversation just flows and you have to be you. At the end of your trek, the trek and your trek mates leaves a big impact on you so I suggest kindly consider this point

Mountains were calling, whispering, soothing in their enchanted voice. It wasnt a mere trip for me, it was a scared journey which I was longing to do since 4 years. Do or die, I was going to the summit, there was no looking back, I was stubborn like a mule. 


To be continued