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“I am going to Roopkund”,I said looking anywhere but at my dad, in low, quiet voice, which was unknown to me. It was a statement and not a request, I wanted him to see that. He looked at me while I was busy checking out the growth of the coconut for the first time in 10 years and said “not required, not meant for you, come home instead”.  If only my dad was supportive I would have gone to Mars 20 years back. Now you know whom to blame for my failure.There, my statement was blown away just like that. I chuckled and walked back home. Throwing tantrums, banging head to the wall and screaming “I am going, going”, rolling big tears days were over. I smiled at my mom who curiously asked “what did he say?”.

“That husband of yours never gonna change. He should be happy that I am informing and going, but no, that old man has to be total pain in ass”.

“So you are not going?” Mom wanted to know.

“I am going. I wasnt asking permission Flo, I was informing him”. I was cool like cucumber, there was a time whatever my dad said was final but not anymore. May be being in early 30’s gives you insane courage.

“Dont get married, roam like a vagabond, In olden days your age….” there she went with her  favorite dialogue.

“Whatever, husband or no husband nobody can stop me, at least this time.

“Roopkund” I wanted to make the journey years back when a hard core trekker explained the beauty of the mountain, sipping coffee at Gloria Jeans, Indiranagar(Which is closed now). I wanted to see what was the big fuss about; Trail, meadow, terrain, rain, tress. Immediate next year when I got the chance Nisha and Loly werent ready so I backed out. Its then I decided I have to make the journey with or without them.

I pursuaded my friends and cousins for almost 4 years but no one budged, buggers. 2018 was my year, I got the chance and I grabbed it with both of my hands and legs, never letting it go, Dads “no” down the drain I looked forward to the trek.

Eating 2 boiled eggs daily, forcefully, climbing the steps, jogging in the park, sit ups I wasnt ready to take any risk. When I told the doctor who  was examining me for common cold about the trek he wrote some more test, even he wasn’t ready to take any risk. I think even for my marriage I wouldnt get ready like this.

With all reports normal I was sure “Cardiac-Arrest” out of scope but ACM was giving me head ache. As you go higher the sea level oxygen level in your body decreases resulting nausea, fatigue, head ache. Gana, one of my friend said “you can close your eyes and do it. You should be passionate about climbing the mountain, dont give up, everything is in your head, drink lots of water. Believe in yourself and you will see the sun rise on the Trishul” she was inspiring. She have completed Roopkund years back and now she is aiming for Rupin-Pass. Hard core sports woman, she represent our country corporate level, she is a  gem in ordinary box. I am so lucky to have the acquaintance of  such great female personalities.

Shopping was crazy expensive. Trekking gear costs you bomb but its one time investment, its mandatory so you cant avoid it.

The crazy me

Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

Ganges, no I didnt take the dip

River rafting one of the most seen ritual after pooja-paat. If we observe carefully I am sure even the gods will be seen rafting in the Ganges

Ram Jhula, Rishikesh

With whole worlds sin Ganges flew silently at night




To be continued…