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I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 23

Posted: September 13, 2015 in STORY
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“You could have made it your mission if you wanted to. You didn’t care for Ron and why waste your time on his widow? Go back Kegan from where you came.” she said sitting on the bed when she felt her legs weak. She needed all the courage to digest the new things about Ron she felt.

“There is small correction Jenny, you are not Ron’s widow anymore, you are my wife. It’s my duty and responsibility to keep you safe and secure.”

“Hell with the responsibility and I was never your responsibility” she spat on his face. With Kegan’s back to her she continued “you lied from beginning, you never told me or Mr Lewis about your secret mission. Why? What was the necessity? Who knows you might have killed Ron to take his position and now you are cooking a cock and bull story to cover the whole mess. I was just beginning to like you but not anymore. Trust, you killed it with one secret blow; you lied about everything. How I hate you, you never loved me, if you were on your secret mission then every single fucking word you said about your love is a lie, I am sure” She looked at him  accusingly “Even you marriage to me is a lie, which I am still living. How I hate you, I can never forgive you. Hell with your secret mission” She let go of her emotions without holding back. She had nothing to lose. She lost the first man she loved to the destiny and second to a lie. It was bitter truth she didn’t wanted to agree but its true she had fallen fall Kegan. And here she was trying to gather the scattered pieces of her heart

“My Ron would never do this to me. I let you hold me, let me kiss me and I let you in my heart against my will. Thank you Kegan for letting me know that you were forced to marry me because you were on secret mission of saving dead man’s widow god knows from whom”.

“Enough!!” Kegan screamed and Jenny startled with shock. He walked to her and held her by shoulder and shook her with all his might “Damn you woman, I wouldn’t have risked my status to save you. When someone says how madly they love you for once in your lifetime listen to them. I knew it you are cow headed, you never listen what people try to tell, you just listen what you want to listen. Ron warned me about your stupid attitude but I ignored him. And yes I would have sacrificed my life to save him if I could. How I wish I could have done that, then you would have been saved from this torment and I would have rotted in closed casket. If not for the promise I made him to look after you and I wouldn’t have bothered to show my face to you. And yes it was Love at first sight for me. When I saw you for the first time I fell in love with you knowing that you are Ron’s widow. If falling in love with a widow is a sin then yes I am a sinner. You think it’s easy take the second place?. God dammit woman, I do everything for you, to keep you alive and here you are accusing me for the things I haven’t done” He stopped for a while to catch his breath. When he realized he is still holding her by shoulders he pushed her back ruthlessly and said “I married you because I wanted to not because I felt I am obliged. I wanted to be the one to bring smile on your face, to hold you when you scream in your sleep.  But if you feel it’s all meaningless you don’t have to stay married to me, I am sure you will be delighted to live without my name associated to yours. If that’s what you want then be it. I am after all human; my patience is gone with the wind thanks to you. You are free to waste your life because you promised that no matter what you will wait till the end to a dead man. Mr and Mrs Lewis know about the mission, in fact it was Mr Lewis was happy when I told him how much I wanted to marry you after all I am Ron’s best friend”. He moved his hand through his hair and said “you are free and you owe your freedom to me, hats off to your stubbornness. You can do whatever you want, go anywhere you want, I don’t care about it. I am done with you. I am going home, my home far away from here where I don’t have to see your sad face.” Saying he walked out of the room banging the door

Jenny sat on the bed hugging her knees close to her heart. She felt so lonely she wanted to scream. She long to be in Kegan’s strong arms where comfort always welcomed her in all her troubles. She was angry at him for leaving her alone after dropping the bomb, just like that. There were still so many questions pondering in her mind for answers. The painful things she buried years back were now out in open. Kegan’s every word hit her like blow piercing through her heart. No matter how much she wanted to hate him she couldn’t. He had risked his life several times to count only to keep her safe. She cursed herself for questioning his loyalty. Second time in life she lost a man she loved.

She wanted to run away from all her misery so she started to walk not caring the road or the time. No matter how hard she tried misery was stick to her like second skin. She had tried hard to forget Ron to get over her pain and loneliness that’s the reason she was serving in army. Then she met Kegan, she tried harder not to fall for him but she could not help herself from falling for him. Here she is walking the alone, suffering with pain because of the feelings she had for him. It was getting dark and she didn’t care. She looked at the pair of birds flying back to their nest and she envied them for their company of each other. She didn’t want to go back to her home where people hid secrets from her.

The roads were empty and darkness ruled with pride with the cold wind. How hard dark clouds try to cover the moon, they lost their fight. She stood watching the magic forgetting all her misery. She heard a familiar bark at distant and she knew she is not alone anymore. There was still someone who loved her without any lies. She turned around to see RJ running towards her.  RJ jumped on her and was licking her face. Her smile vanished with the clouds when her eyes fell on Mr. Lewis standing looking at her.  She knew time for her questioned to be answered have come.


After Mr Lewis had told her whole story behind Kegan presence she felt terrible for saying those cruel words to him. Not only Ron but his elder brother Shawn lost his life due to the conspiracy of their own army officer Sachin Sharma. When Shawn tried to collect the proofs he was murdered to keep the secrets untouched. Then there was Ron who found out the real reason behind his brother’s death and discussed the whole thing with Mr Lewis. It was Mr Lewis along with his second son was trying to collect the proofs against Sachin Sharma when Ron lost his life but not before handing over the data to Jenny. Jenny knew it her golden locket was not any ordinary locket. Thieves’ broke in to their study were behind the same data. They were unaware that it’s something Jenny carried along with her day and night. After the first break in Ron had made sure Jenny was guarded no matter what because he felt he may not be around always to protect her. Ron had explained the whole story to his best friend Kegan and asked him to watch over Jenny when he felt he may not be alive to see the murdered of his brother put behind the bars. Mr Lewis was aware of Kegan’s mission from beginning still he kept quiet not raising any suspicious. He was waiting for right time to play his cards guarding the secrets. Mr Lewis was bit taken when Kegan said he wanted to marry Jenny but when he realized how much Kegan loved his widow daughter in law he had given his blessings happily.

When Jenny stood there crying silently listening to her father in law he hugged her and said “Mr Sharma is arrested now and he confessed all his crimes .Kegan is done with his mission and he have decided to go back, away from here. I am sure he might be having his own reasons and I don’t want to question him. Life is giving you second chance Jenny grab it, don’t let it go”.

After lot of thinking and more thinking there she was knocking on Kegan’s door with RJ besides her wagging his tail eager to see the man they both loved so dearly. When nobody opened the door Jenny rang the bell again being sure Kegan is hiding inside avoiding her. She smiled and walked to the backyard followed by RJ. She tried the back door and wasn’t surprise when she found it unlocked. She pushed the door and walked in the darkness adjusting her footsteps from the dim light illuminated from the hall. Her smile broadened when she saw the silhouette of the man she love dearly seated on the chair with whisky glass in his hand. Trying to gulp his pain with help of alcohol she thought and slowly started to walk towards him.

“Watch your footsteps Jenny, Its one way, you can come with your will but you cant go back. You see the way you chose happen to cross mine so think well and decide whether you want to walk forward or not”.

Eyes focused on Kegan’s masked face Jenny took her next step. “I don’t have to think for I know I want to walk Kegan” She took the next step still eyes glued on Kegan “I want to walk Kegan, walk with you and I never want to walk back unless ,” she paused and looked at him pleadingly and said “Unless you don’t want me anymore”. She expected him to come and hug her easing her short distance but he sat there still looking at her. With every step she took towards him he seems to lose his patience. When she was few feet away from him he stood from his chair and threw the glass to the floor, liquid spilled to the floor with glittering pieces of glass. “Tell me what you want from me Jenny, for god sake stop this cat-mouse play. Just get out of my sight once you tell what you want. Let me live in peace”

Jenny saw Kegan fighting with his self-control and continued walking. “I am not going anywhere Kegan, I am going to stay, this is my house too, remember I am your wife…”

“Thanks darling for reminding me, In that case you stay I will go” saying he tried to walk but then collapsed on the just vacated chair. Jenny smiled at the half drained whisky bottle and thanked god for her luck in her mind. Kegan had to stay no matter how badly he wanted to run. She continued walking towards him, holding his head in his hand, bending over his knees he said “Why are you doing this to me? First you accuse me and then you tantalize me with your sweet talk”

Jenny knelt down in front of her husband and pulled him towards her in a tight hug .With his head resting on her chest she said “I am very stupid girl to say all that bad things. I am a cow head as you said but I am not going anywhere without you Kegan. I walk beside you holding your hand miles, ages I don’t care but I want you. Because…” She paused for a while when Kegan pulled back and looked into her teary eyes. With choking voice she said “because I am in love with you Kegan. See I said it”. Kegan wiped her tears and crushed her towards him saying “I thought you will never say that my darling”. He kissed her tears for they were painful, he kissed her eyes because he saw true love in them, he kissed her cheek because he felt its right thing to do and he kissed her lips because he wanted to. He never felt so happy and content his whole life


Jenny looked at her husband who was sleeping so peacefully. She kissed him on his cheek and covered him with the blanket. She had to do something before she left this place. Quickly she changed her clothes and walked out of the house with RJ. Both jogged to the park where Ron and Jenny used to meet. Sitting on her usual place she looked around it still looked calm and peaceful. Flowers were blooming, butterflies looked happy too, birds were welcoming the new day with their new song, and sun rays were just kissing the earth. “I am breaking the promise I made you Ron and I am not sorry. May be even you wanted me to do the same thing. You are the first man I loved so dearly and you will remain in my heart forever. I am leaving this place Ron, because every little thing reminds me of you. I will remember you like sweet morning mist Ron, short time it might live but it’s magical. I am moving with Kegan to Bangalore to start a fresh beginning. Keep smiling, enjoy your ride until we meet again, farewell my darling, and love you always”.

“I love you too darling” Kegan whispered slowly in her ears hugging her from behind. “Wonder when you will stop running out of the house without informing anyone”. Kissing her hair he sat next to her patting RJ. She held Kegan’s hand in hers and sat silently watching the sun spread his rays proudly. It’s was a new day with new beginning .She smiled at Kegan and said “thank you”. Kegan chuckled and said “and I love you”. Jenny laughed holding Kegan’s hand even more tightly and thanked god for second chance


The End