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As I wait for the bus in the morning I see this old lady walking ,dragging her shopping trolley and a burning cigarette between her mouth. Same old purple hat on her head, not so fancy glasses resting on her nose she walks watching her foot steps carefully. With her mouth always semi open in shape of “O” is smiling at all the strangers passing by or missing teeth makes her difficult to close her mouth I dont know for sure. But I want to assume the first case. When she reaches her spot she stops and looks around opening her bag and taking the packet of the bread.


As she opens the bread packet;sometimes half used and sometimes untouched the hungry eager pigeon’s fly down  from the top of the building where they have upper hand of watching whole town. As she breaks the breads and throws around pigeons dig in not worrying about tomorrow, enjoying the moment.


Once they are full they flutter their wings and fly with rocket speed all together in a group. While some still peck on the bread others go on their regular rounds flying high around the town center eager to live the new day, pooping on strangers head, passage. I stand still with broad smile on my face bus long forgotten along with my  8kg laptop. Lost in the spectacular view, hand on my head to prevent from free falling poop from above my adrenaline pumps seeing them take off like mass of charging war flights.


Once they are back from their round few fly down to finish their breakfast while others sit on the top of the building watching the world pass by.


Old lady waits watching all the magic in slow motion still smoking the cigarette. When she see the bread disappear she walks away with the trolley bag, throwing the cigarette bud in the waste bin after stabbing.

She is not the occasional feeder who takes handful of grains and throws on the street whenever feels like. She is generous old lady who doesnt miss a single day feeding the Pigeons. Coldest cold day she would be still there head to toe covered in warm clothes,with same purple hat on her head and pulling her trolley bag with her gloved hand with burning cigarette stuck between her lips.