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“Sunday at dog shelter, sounds good” I told myself,  but  I wasnt sure I will make it. Sitting on the spineless bean bag and watching Netflix, ordering food on app is more comforting than doing volunteering work at dog shelter. But again I my love for dog is greater than my laziness.

Bangalore Trekking Club(BCT) had organized volunteering work at Maruthy Dog Shelter, Sarjapur, late to register they had given heads up for open entry. My first social event other than trekking with strangers. I didnt realize that by the time I leave the shelter I would be friends with animal with 2 legs and animal with 4 legs.

Isnt he a cutie pie.

Its  lunch time.

One goes for a walk and another is ready to occupy the nice spot to sit and doze.

There was Richard, a Rottweiler, I didnt get courage to go near him and pet him. But I stood few feet away and yelled “Richard Parker, Richard Parker” like the boy yells in “Life of Pi”. He didnt look at me, he was busy waiting for his lunch with his bowl in his mouth.

That is Siddhi, visits shelter often with her mom, brother and granny. She have already adopted a dog from shelter. What a nice way to educate kids about love for animals.

They ate together without fighting, growling.

Siddhi didnt care about the poop or their paw print on her clothes, she was busy cuddling them and pampering them.

I call them Kingfisher Calendar Girls 

That is Robin, who is on sabbatical leave and taking care of dogs whom he love dearly. Every dog has a name and he remembers them all.

They jump on you for affection, a pat on head and few loving words

Three legs but still happy. Happiness wont find you, you need to find the happiness in being content with what you have.

Little patting in between the work.

Tony loves cherries. 

Tony is all set for his afternoon nap after his lunch.

That is Precious with twisted paws.

That looks like James the sniffer dog who is kick ass in sniffing bags, helmet and human being.

When you have time stop by, dogs will love to have your company. The shelter takes care of aged blind dogs as well. Whom they have to hand feed. Its sad to see them in that condition but they are well taken care.Be nice and contribute something for their lunch and medicine. They dont have wants just a basic needs.