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He saw the sleeping gal in his arms. His hands itched to touch her hair. When first time he had seen her on those cannibals boat he didn’t know what to do. His heart cried seeing her cloth less body and blood stained face. Even though he didn’t knew her he had given orders to take care of her. He knew it what had happened to her. Explanation was unnecessary. When he had seen the wounds in her body he boiled with anger. Sometimes human being can be the worst animal in the world. How he wanted to kill those son-of-bi$$$ then. Without saying a word He had stitched her wound and cleaned her. A smile appeared on his face when he saw his rob. Even though he is quite big she looked cute in that. Earlier when she was standing on the deck he had seen those beautiful eyes. In his oversize rob she looked lovely and his heart missed his beat. The way she smiled at Raleeba was so charming. He took a deep breath and took her to the bed. He tucked her in the bed and sat on the nearby chair.

Crying sound woke him up. He saw the gal on the bed. She was awake now and was crying. he didn’t like that. He got up from his chair and went near the bed. Slowly he touched her hand. She didn’t move, instead she continued crying. He didn’t know what to do. He stood there for a while. When he thought he cant take it anymore he said “don’t waste your tears. Why cry and waste tears? Save them and make them as your weapon”. Wonder why he said that. She looked him straight into his eyes. She just stared.

Again he saw the pain which was still raw. When he couldn’t take it anymore he said ”I will send Ralleba “ and started to move. She held his hand and looked up. He was force to look at her. She released his hand, got from bed and said “I want to talk to you. I don’t know why you saved me. You should have left me there to die. Anyways thank you for everything.” He said “don’t thank me, thank god”. She said “there’s no god, trust me. Soon even you will realize”. He said “Allah is everywhere; he helps us and protects us”. She said “can we talk something other than god?”. He didn’t say anything. He knew it she already lost the faith in her creator”. She said “whats your name? and who are you?”. He took his time and said “I am Caleb “. He knew it he cant say who he is. When she looked at him expecting a an answer from him he said “I am Somalian and I am a….PIRATE”.

was the breath taking man really a Pirate???is Zoovy safe with them???

(Waht happnes next… be honest even i dodnt know:))