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Sanie’s mind was revising every minute she spent with Jake. She was madly in love with the guy. She took her cam and saw the pics she clicked. She smiled seeing jakes pic. There wa something about him that made her like him more and more.

With the ringing phone Sanie came back to the real world from her world of love and romance. It was her cousin who was calling her. She picked the phone and her cousin told her to come back to India as her dad is very serious. When she disconnected the call she was shivering. She called Jake and very next moment he was there with her. Holding her and consoling her. He booked a ticket for her and handled everything.  He even packed her bags.That night Jake stayed with her. All he did was held Sanie very close to his heart. With Jake beside her Sanie was able to sleep for a while.

When Sanie reached airport she felt sick to her stomach. This is the place where they will be separated; thinking that she snuggled close to Jake. Who in response did the same thing. Sanie had 1 hour left for her flight. They both sat in lobby. Sanie was torn from inside. Jake held her hand in his. It was like he didn’t wanted her to go. Her tears were silent too. Jake wiped her tears and said “I Love you and its killing me seeing you this way. Should I come with you? I don’t want here to sit here and worry about you”. She was touched. She hugged him and said “na hero I can manage. Promise me, you will never stop loving me”. Jake gave one of his this seducing smile and kissed her on the lips and said “that I am going to do till my grave”. Then he took his chain from his neck and held in front of her and said “I want you to have this. It’s my mothers. It will remind you every minute how much I love you. Never ever take it off.” Sanie smiled at him and said “I will promise Jake I will never ever take it off”. It was time to leave Sanie looked at Jake memorising his face with every tiny details in her memory. With this picture she have to survive till come back. Jake’s face fell. He closed the distance between them and hugged her close. He didn’t say anything . Then slowly he kissed her on lips. “The Last Kiss” Sanie thought. She didn’t wanted it to stop .She went on and on. It was Jake who broke the kiss and said “ohh boy what was that”. Sanie smiled with her tears and said “this will keep me alive and will give strength”. Jake held her face in his hand and said “I will love you and will love forever no matter what”. He kissed her forehead and pushed her and said “run now”. Sanie walked away with her luggage. Jake stood there watching the woman he loved walk away. Then she stopped right there. Jake looked worried. She came running towards him and jumped like a kid in front of him. Jake held her and she kissed his forehead and said “ now we are even”. Then she kissed his nose and said “fair well hero. Take care of yourself “. Then she was gone .Jake wiped his eyes. Never in his life had he cried for a woman. There he stood like a statue thinking how much he going to miss her.

As soon as Sanie walked into Bangalore Airport she started shivering from inside. Her brother had come to pick her up. He explained briefly what happened their father. He had his third major heart attack. His condition was critical and was in ICU. Directly they went to hospital. Sanie saw her dad fighting to breath with those pipes. He mother hugged her and said “He will live baby, he is a fighter”. She saw her dad and cried. Her dad who she adored is now on bed fighting with death.

It was on third day her dads conditioned improved. He was able to breath without help of oxygen pipe. When he looked at her he said “Did you get JD? Don’t tell no I was waiting for it from long long time “. Sanie giggled and said “ha yeah its at home waiting for you”. Her dad smiled and touched her cheek and said “I want to to talk to you about something which will make me more and more happy”. Sanie looked at her dad and said “shoot boy”. Her dad explained her about his last wish and it was he wanted to see her settle down. Sanie realised he was talking about her marriage. Sanie didn’t say anything. She simply patted her cheek and said “get well soon and will see to it later”.  She wanted to tell him about Jake but she have the courage. That day she called Jake. It was for the second time she was calling him. He cheered her and said not to worry


Sanie looked her reflection in mirror. She was looking stunning in that white gown. The chain gave by Jake still hung round her neck. Her mom had told her to remove it but she didn’t. Any other circumstance she would have loved what she is seeing now but not this moment. She called Jake again but he didn’t pick. She had called him several times but he didn’t receive her call. Sanie looked worried because he even didn’t reply to her mail. May be she is doing this for her dad but she knew it she will bot be happy this stranger whom dad had introduced as “good guy, will keep you happy”. She couldn’t even say no when she saw her dad. He was happy.

Her brother came to escort her. She walked the aisle with her brother . She saw her dad in wheel chair and smiled. She had imagined walking in the aisle with the man she loved on other end. She stared at the stranger who was standing there.

Priest started stared the ceremony. Sanie looked at her dad and the guy who was standing in front of her. She might get marry to make her dad happy but she is going to soil three lives together in one shot. She looked at her dad again. Sanie knew it was too late to call off the wedding. If she wanted to stop the wedding also she had a chance. She looked at the crowd around her and she got frighten. She looked at the chain around her neck and at the guy who will be her husband in few seconds. Priest was saying “repeat after me……”.

Sanie sat on her bed and hugged her knees. Her eyes were swollen crying whole day. She didn’t expect that Jake will play with her and leave her like a broken sparrow. She saw her reflection in the mirror and cried loudly. She touched the chain around her neck and said “Your words were so real Jake I never thought you will do this to me!!!

She opened her lap-top and started rafting a mail to Jake.

Hey Stranger,

Hope you are doing fine. If you ask “how I am” then all I can say is “I am good, in fact great”. Hope you will read this mail when you get some time from your busy work. I called stranger because even though I know you, you are total stranger to me now

I fell love in love with you in not knowing a thing about you. May be I sound silly . If I sound silly then world almost all gals are silly trust me. Which cant be true. As it was destined or may be cupid wanted to play around I met you. Unlike other guys you didn’t try to impress me with your charm or influential words when we met for the first time. With the passed days I don’t know how many times I remembered your smiling face.  You see first time I felt that there’s someone for me.

You don’t have time to respond to my calls or emails. May be you found me less appealing or maybe you found somebody else. I don’t know. All I know is my heart started crying whenever you ignored me. For a gal to fall in love is not an easy thing. She has to compromise a lot. I was ready to do that for you.

You were interested till I was in UK but gradually that interest disappeared with the dark night. I tried, I told my heart to forget you but It wouldn’t listen to me. I killed my ego for your sake and you killed my heart I don’t know for whose sake.

Today iw ore my wedding gown. I didn’t have the courage wear it not knowing its not you who will be there waiting . I had dreamed about you being by my side when I wear it. But to my bad luck somebody else replaced you. May be its for my good or may be for yours. I don’t know what to say. All I know is that I want to hate you but my heart wont listen. Hope you find world all happiness and live a happy life with that gal of yours. May be I shouldn’t have give up so easily but I can’t ring on bell knowing the door never ever going to open. I still feel the same about you I know you don’t.

The last kiss in airport was so magical I thought I live in fairy tale. The chain given by you is still around my neck. I thought it was a long lasting promise to care, love and cherish one another. Jake why did you played with my heart?why did you made me fall in love with you?why?why?. Instead of killing me this way you could have killed me in one shot

May be I will never love any one this way but I will never stop loving you. I know I sound silly but that’s who I am. Even though I am cursed for making my dad and mom sad I will live with the fact that I didn’t ditch you. Its you who ditched me. You know Jake when you took me to that wonderful place I thought we will be together forever no matter what. Where you using me? Oh how foolishly I was in love with you then and still I am

I know my love was and is pure. I didn’t expect anything from you other than your heart. Even though my heart bleeds I will live you don’t worry about me.

I pray to god that you and your gal live happily ever after in love and only love. I wont curse you or blame you for stabbing my heart like other gals. I even wont call you Bas*** or MF. After all I did nothing wrong than loving you; pure love, which I felt for the first time. Hope someday you will remember me and say “I am sorry for hurting you”.

She clicked on the send button on the screen. She wiped her tears and said to herself “I will not cry Jake not for you. I may take some time to get over you, but sure one day I will”.

Sanie woke up on Saturday morning with a head ache. She saw her reflection in the mirror and was horrified. Messy hair, swollen lips, wrinkled clothes. Wait a minute where is the top button. She smiled seeing the missing the button. She smiled herself remembering previous night. Even though she was scared from inside she was happy. For the first time she liked somebody so much she didn’t wanted to think anything else. She had few doubts about their future but for a while she just wanted to enjoy.  First time she was ready to give a shot with a total stranger. She touched her lips where Jacob had imprinted his lips and smiled. She was still smiling when her phone rang. Butterflies flew even more high when she heard the only voice she wanted to hear.

Jake said ”Looks like I interrupted you…should I call you back later?”. Sanie said “na, tell me hero was up”. Jacke smiled and said “ohh ohh…..looks like lady is in good mood!!”. Sanie said “yeah sure”. Jake said “I want to take you out I will be there at 12.00 be ready”. Before she could say anything Jacob had disconnected the call. Sanie was shocked to see Jakes confidence.

In white and blue shorts Sanie was waiting for Jake. He was looking breath taking in his white t-shirt and blue jeans. She smiled seeing that both of them had worn same color. Sanie giggled and caught Jakes hand in hers. Jake kissed on her cheek and said “May be it looks like I am rushing but I want to show you this place.”. Sanie stood on her toes and kissed him back and said “sure, be my guide hero”.

When Sanie got down from the taxi she was shocked to see the greenery around her. Jake came wearing his glares. Wow Sanie thought he is like a Greek god. Sanie stood there watching just him but nothing else. How she wanted to be with this man. When Jake turned and whistled she came to reality. With her glares on she walked towards him and hugged him. She said “thank you for making me part of this”. Jake squeezed her hand and started walking. They must have walked 30 minutes without break. Jake kept on walking but Sanie couldn’t. She said “where are you planning to tell me now else I will kill you right here”. Jake came towards her and pulled her band which held her black hair together and said “you look lovely when you are angry!!”. Sanie tried to snatch the band and said “boy, don’t you have any other dialogue???all guys use the same”. Jake said “I will piggy back you, come on hop in”. Sanie giggled and said “ha my hero, are you Edward-the vampire who can fly?”. Jake pulled her to his back and said “na babe, I am Jake the human”.

Jake was walking as if Sanie’s weaight didn’t bother him at all. Sanie was listening to her own heart beat. Her hands were around jakes neck and his around her knees. Nobody had taken her piggy back so far. She hugged him tight and said in her mind “thank you for doing this. I don’t know what I feel is real or not but boy I am in love with you. Please don’t break my heart. I want you and your love nothing else”.

When finally Jake stopped she said “hey lad, what happned? Tired should I piggy back you now?”. Jake put her down and turned her around. There it was breath taking view. In middle of thick greenery there was this water fall. Even though it was far it looked like milk flowing down in a stream.  She stood there motionless absorbing all possible inputs. Seeing the scenery she was so happy her eyes filled with tears. Jake came and stood behind her without saying anything. They stood there for a while slowly Sanie turned towards him.

She stood there with him by her side. Staring at him with all love and care she felt for him. Slowly she raised her hand to his cheek. He stepped forward so that even he could feel her touch. He didn’t even want to miss a tiny little thing. He looked more handsome with the shining sun she thought. Cold breeze, warm weather, romantic surroundings all she wanted was to rest in his arms near to his heart;Where two heart can hear to each other and talk in their own way anything, everything. She traced her finger slowly around his cheek. He stepped close and looked at her with same or may be more tender and love. Sanie longed to be in his arms. It was like a perfect moment. She extended her hand never breaking the eye contact. He held her hand in his softly. How well her hand fitted in his. It was unsaid promise which last forever. Sanie saved the moment in her memory which can never be deleted. She thought finally I found a guy whom I am going to love and care. She smiled and held his hand more tightly as if she never want to let it go. Jake looked different. Slowly he opened his arms and Sanie walked into them and hugged him.

With his arms wrapped around her she could feel his as well as her heart beat. Slowly she looked up at him. How she wanted to see his face then. Slowly she put his hair back from his forehead. Jake with his one arm around her pulled her rubber band with other. Her hair started flying with the breeze in all possible direction. Jake played with her hair and very slowly bought her lips close to his. Sanie gave it in and said in her mind “it’s a promise, I am yours forever no matter what”.


(wht will happen next?……………………………………………….keep guessing)

when DBC read my “Hate” list she said “babes list is quiet small”.  i saw the list and thought for a while “oh man how much they expect me to write”. I sat again with pen and paper sorry my new laptop and started thinking. Writing skill is like a lose motion. If it flows fluently then boy you gonna be a great writer else you will be like a  woman in labour who is waiting for the baby’s exit from her womb.
  1. I hate it when guys see gals face at last. Boys I know what you are see first
  2. I hate it when a gal leaves everything she loved and follows her husband. Damn why cant husband follow wife?
  3. I hate it when guys rob gal’s undies which they put it outside to dry. Lucky guys never lose their undies…doesn’t sound good. May be I should use the word “briefs”.
  4. I hate it when students copying for exam get caught. Poor fellas must have wasted hell lot of time in preparing the chits
  5. I hate when my crush flirts around with other gals. Dude look at me behind those glasses there are beautifully damaged retinas.
  6. I hate it when a married man stares at young ladies. Uncle concentrate on aunty who is following you like pug
  7. I hate it when my niece pees and my mom tells me to clean. “wanna be Snl” I need to train you on peeing
  8. I hate it when my boss says “thoda Google karo yar, its possible not ROCKET science”. Are computer without CPU try to be bit logical.
  9. I hate it when guys focus their eyeballs only in one place whenever a lady bends. Really ladies are awesome creature of god.
  10. I hate it when ladies fight in public like fish mongers. Ladies you can take out your frustration on your husbands at home in your bed room.
  11. I hate it when I go to toilet and I can see ownerless shit. Damn I am tired of seeing my own shit why people are torturing me with their shit.
  12. I hate it when I stamp shit on the way to office. Wonder what Bangalore dogs eat. Shit smells like……sorry no comparison
  13. I hate it when my dog shows his lipstick whenever I touch him. I don’t really know what its called as. Use your brain and you will get the answer.
  14. I hate it when my salary gets over before the month end. I need to stop shopping or salary should grow don’t know what’s the real reason.
  15. I hate it when guys in their briefs, at sea shore, hug the salt water, exposing them to the world. For god sake put on some clothes, this is not your bath room and I am not your mom.

Few years ago I met one cute, nice, pretty human creature. When I saw those innocent eyes, enchanting smile I literally fell in love. Tomorrow that creature is turning 25 years old!!!!

Loly that’s what I call her. Hey that’s not elephant or hippo but it’s my best buddy. I don’t what I would have done without her. She understands my unspoken words, floating emotions and desire for chocolates. She even played a match making role. Phew I hated that part. Damn even she want me to settle down. hmmm actually she wanna be brides maid and dance with best-man for the song “love will keep us alive” . When she pokes me with her mouse click in fb all I wanna do is poke her nostril with fork. Whatever.

As she is turning 25 I wanted it to be special bday. As he cant stop eating ghee, chocolates, chicken I thought I should gift her something which reminds her every minute. So I bought her one nice XL undies with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck prints. May be she will reduce eating food with more calories whenever she sees that cutie XL .  Yesterday she called me and said “as I am turning 25 I thought I should learn how to drive 4 wheeler. So I joined the driving classes”. I was quiet for long time, I am already 2? So I should know how to fly the plane???Oh man expensive classes. I replied “ nice babes, keep your right eye on the road and left eye on the person who is teaching you”. I am sure Pu will have something to say here. As she is turning 25 I May. Looks like all my gang members are getting old.

Loly wish you happy bday. May your dreams: plucking coffee seeds in chikmagalur coffee estate, riding a 4 wheeler, finding handsome son-in-law for your mom come true. May god bless you with lots kids and chocolates.

I don’t remember when was the last time I checked my blog. You see I am damn busy these days. Busy with what? Is one question which I am unable to answer. Filling my empty bucket, washing clothes, talking every two minutes with PU and DBC, pestering Loly to tell me her secret and yeah finally busy with work.
There are few things which make every simple person hate it. I have a list may be they match yours
1. When you see people rotating their finger in 369 degree in their nostrils. Officially I called it PICKLE factory.
2. People who don’t excuse after they burb don’t know the basic of manners. Yuk(thanks PU for correcting my YAK)!!!! When I don’t hear a “sorry” immediately followed by burp I feel like spanking that person.
3. Gals/guys who act like an angel in front and act like moron behind your bum sorry back. Up-down, here-there ohh man they act accordingly. Don’t hesitate to lick anybody’s ass, cry for their benefit.
4. The guys who send FB request or ask phone number immediately after 2 meetings with gals. One smile and guys think they stand a chance. Grow up guys.
5. Desperate guys who publish add “slim, 50kg, 5.4’’, with good family values gal can apply”. If by any chance they get a response they pester the gal, her family to the core. Trust me never make a mistake of sending bio-data to stranger. Damn they f^%$$ passing every minute
6. Over bitchy gals who ditch guys after emptying their ATM card. Because of few “gals species” name is spoilt.
7. Teachers/lecturers who torture poor kids with attendance, marks. Damn they play with their future.
8. My dad when he says is common dialogue “SnL must have spoilt it”. Dad you need to stop saying that.
9. My bro, when he shows me apple not fruit but the i-pod and smiles like a devil. Gonna rob that pod soon. Be careful bro!!!!!
10. Nuns, when they say “sacrifice Sex-life and listen to god”. Do they really know what they are saying?
11. My neighbor, friends when they say “you are 2?, when you are getting married?. People for god’s sake mind your own business and get a life
12. My owner. I renamed him from “the boxer hero” to “bas$%$@ hero”. He is a stingy, illogical oldie who should have been in Beja-fry.
13. A doctor in Kinnigoli. Who keeps the stethoscope on gals assets and says “inhale now”. Pu don’t say “moron heart is right below the asset.
14. Vegetable vendors in Bangalore. When they see me and listen to my Kannada price automatically increase. Damn I hate it and tired of fighting with them.
15. PU when she says “its not YAK its YUK, its not huh bit its hua………..”.Its like you wanna pooo but you friend forcibly makes you eat. Ohhh man she gotta stop poking me.
16. BMTC bus conductor. They fall on women and say “side, side”. Literally they fall on you and try to…….I never understood their real strategy.
17. My salary which never increases. God do something and make it grow like auto rickshaw fair.

When I see the list I wonder whether I am weird or the list is weird. I cant be weird so I am sure the list is weird. Were you scared reading the last lines? Dont be… this is what happens if the human being is staying alone with her laptop, phone and face book.

As I got training till next Friday I rarely get time to write blog. Training sucks big time trust me. Most of the time I will be eating trainers head and rest of the time he will be eating my head.

As the guys show no interest to date me,  I roam only with gals. Most of the time people misunderstood me and my female pal as ….well you know. Pu and me decided to go out on Saturday. As she was having brunch with one of her RF friend she told me to come at 3 to Commercial Street. She said “There is Lovable sale, come fast”. If you don’t know what loveable stands for then dude you need to update your DB. I was waiting outside the complex where there was this 60% sale. As I entered the complex with Pu, we almost fainted. Girl’s gals everywhere, kids, teenagers, married women, oldies. All were busy exploring the pattern, color and design and occupying the counters which had what these ladies wanted. As we entered we were confused. We took a walk around the counters. I was amazed to see a man selecting lacy materials. He had plenty of them. Green, pink, red, white, black. Even he wouldn’t have selected so many pieces for himself

As we came to know which category we fall, we pushed few ladies aside and started checking out the patterns.  I was wondering who the first person to find out the most amazing cloth with 2 straps. Hats off to you dude!!!!All women will be in your debut for your invention. Printed Blue, flowery pink, seducing maroon….Ohh man those colors were awesome. I irritated the sales gal to the core showing the pieces and asking different colors and size. When Pu couldn’t take it anymore she said “if you don’t keep quiet then she will surely throw you outside. If not I will. So better keep your F567ing mouth shut. As I closed my mouth Pu started exploring something else. She used to call me from other end “SnL , Snl check this, this is damn cute”. Oh man she has a lovely collection. Even the stamp collector wont be having such a wonderful collection. When she picked few pieces I said “Surely again you gonna lose all those”. She said “shut up boyo,(the word she copied from LA confidential) This time I am gonna take good care of my collection. I thought Pu really got weirdest collection habit.

As I was killing the mosquitos in the training I asked Pu what she is doing. She said “boyo, I am feeling great, awesome, gorgeous……”.  I just smiled because I knew the reason for her happiness.

My bro had bought APPLE i-pod for me. Let me be clear again he just bought it for me but he never gave it to me. One day I stamped on his tail which made him angry. That day he decided he never gonna give that i-pod to his baby sister. I literally begged him like  a beggar but he didn’t melt. If my sister would have been in that place she would spanked my ass for my mistake and given the pod. You see women are always forgiving. I wonder what my bro will do when he reads this blog. I am gonna be a dead meat!!!!!!

As the world is celebrating the women’s day let me do my SnL study on women.

As Mommy

Mommy and daddy be naughty when light goes off. As a result mommy gets pregnant. Why god didn’t make daddy pregnant? Why this injustice lord? Mommy doesn’t even bother when people comment on her bulging stomach and body. She touches her tummy and says “everything for you my baby”. She never complains about the  weight she is carrying.

 Hats off to you mommy .

As Sister

I always loved my sister. Even I beat her and scratch her with my nails like a wild cat she never says anything. I just cant understand why sisters are so caring and forgiving. They wash our clothes, feed us, buy us expensive gifts, listen to our problem, give a solution, and hide our little secrets like boozing, crush, fights from parents.

I wouldn’t mind having one more sister. As my mom and dad are old  I have to be happy with my niece

As friend

They listen to every cock-bull-shit story.  Damn they never get tired. They even help us in getting our secret crush’s number. They know us better than anyone. They are like scanners. One look at us and they know what’s there in our mind.

Love you all my G-friends.

As gal friend

They allow their boyfriend to keep their head on their shoulderand sleep for a while. By holding the guys hand and touching his back they cool his anger from 100 degree to 0 degree. They lie to their parents for the guy’s sake. They pamper the guy with lovely words, sentimental touch and mind blowing kiss. Last part I am not sure as I never had a bf. They tell 101 times that how much they love the guy. By sitting in the bike with guy they double the beauty of the bike.

Lucky are those with sensible GF’s

As wife

They leave their parents, siblings, dogs, room ,  favorite blanket, in one word everything and go to husbands house. They never even utter a word when they cant bear monster-in-laws melodrama. They spend most of their time in kitchen cooking for morons. I hate this part as soon I am gonna be the victim of kitchen. When wife comes to bed dead tired her husband will be on bed smiling, with full energy. Well you know what happens next.

without women men are incomplete

If you a guy then make this day special and wish all women you know. Buy them a card, gift. Even a call or message makes a difference. So don’t miss it

.If you are a woman then lady be happy because world is alive because of you.

I might get few calls and messages saying “happy women’s day SnL”.  If anybody is planning to buy a gift for me then here is the tip “ dude I need a cell badly”. My fingers are crossed:)



Its been 4 days I didn’t write blog. As I am running out of topics my mind is tired of wondering in all direction. Damn I need a topic now.  I was flattered when I came to know that few readers are waiting for my blog to be updated with new topic.

When people are not keeping well I don’t know whom they remember first. But trust me I remember my boss. What the heck reason ill give? When I got up in the morning I was running out with 3 degree more than my body temperature. As expected I remembered my boss. Before brushing my teeth I sent him a mail. As he is bit understanding he said “take rest”. As I was rolling on my bed, tossing the blanket and trying to concentrate something hit my nerve. Bingo!!! I got a topic to write. Topic is Advantages of being a MAN and WOMAN.

As god created Adam first, lets focus on advantages of being MAN.

  1. One and only advantage I can think about is. They can stand and pee wherever they want. Damn!!!! Why god gave them this privilege I never understood. Trust me they make use of this advantage very often. Highway, interior lane they stand and pee and say loudly “look at me dude, I can pee wherever I want”. On other hand woman cant pee in public. If they do then it will become MMS and rest in guys cell phone.
  2. While travelling all they need is empty bottle or a window to empty their bladder but woman needs a bush at least. I envy men. Really I do.
  3. The older you get the hotter you become but for woman  well you know….they look like hippo or elephant
  4. Man can remove his shirt and flaunt with his bare chest but woman have to think twice before unbuttoning their top.
  5. Man can rule the road with RF but woman have to be happy with pink little scooty pep
  6. Any woman can eat up man with 6 packs but a woman with 6 packs…..ewwwwww…look at Bipasha

Advantages of being WOMAN

  1. They get to feel the baby from the day one. Its wonderful thing they are blessed with. Poor guys cant feel the baby . Ohhh  I forgot they don’t have womb. Poor men.
  2. Two drops of crocodile tears and everything is done. Even wicked man’s heart melts when he sees a lady crying. Men cant cry in public. That’s the fact. If anybody sees men crying then they say “he is like women”
  3. They can sit and gossip about everything, anything and nothing. Guys don’t know the basic principle of gossiping
  4. They are easy to talk; they understand and have solution to any problems. Guys are dumb cows when it comes to talking.
  5. They can wear any colors. All colors suit them. Pink, red are banned on men. If they spotted wearing that then they people say “that dude is not straight”
  6. They are lovely creature of god.  I cant say men are ugly creature. But comparatively women are gorgeous, awesome, and beautiful with their assets.
  7. They get maternity leave. Bingo I love this part. But poor men have to manage with sick leave, casual leave.
  8. From bus to parliament they have reservation. Even though they never get to sit on those reserved seat. Reservation for men…have you heard anywhere???hmmmmm
  9. No need to worry about random growth of hair on cheek, chin, nose, ears. Most of the women and kids hate to kiss guys as their beard pokes badly. Ouuch
  10.  They can color their hair to any color but still looks awesome. When you see guys with colored hair all you can remember is peacock
  11. They look awesome with skirts. If men wanna wear skirts then they have to be bagpiper. I can think only about bell when they say guys in skirts.
  12. They can wear gown and flaunt their waxed legs and sexy back. Feel sorry for guys as they cant wear gown and flaunt their  hairy back and legs
  13.  God cant be everywhere that’s why he made mother but well there hasn’t been a word about fathers…
  14. Show your skin and you become celebrity overnight Eg:Poonam Pandey.  If men strip also they wont get lime light.
  15. Any shot at any place nothing gonna change. But for men wrong shot at wrong place changes everything

PU my lazy, un-official editor had some more perverted points which I couldn’t mention. As Google can help everyone with those points I skipped them. Trust me women are god’s beautiful creature on earth. Their one smile and whole world goes crazy about them.