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With my half opened eyes I saw the kid. He must be in his teens. If I had a younger brother he would have looked like the kid. I raised my hand to his cheek. The kid stiffened. I took back my hand and I continue watching him. He carried me with ease. He didn’t stop until we reached a ship. The ship was beautiful. Faded paint and rusted railings said it must be old. As I was tired I closed my eyes. When finally I bow to slumber I wondered for the final time whether worst part is over or pending.

I was running. Now fully dressed and fed. I was running in my Nike sports shoes to save my life. I looked back at the strangers who were chasing me. I increased my speed. I stumbled over a bush. I saw the cut made by the wild thorns. I didn’t stop. I continued running. As I was running I realized I reached the top of the cliff. I looked around hoping to find a  small exist but non I found.I saw the deep blue silent water, which was inviting me. How I hated its silence. From my childhood I hated water as I don’t know to swim. I looked at the stranger and terrified. The leader advanced and I took a step towards the edge. He said “come on, we are not gonna harm you. Trust me”. I know what that crocodile smile means. I took another step towards the edge. I knew it I am gonna die, there was no escape. I took a deep breath and looked into the water and jumped. As I hit the water with a splash I drank the water. I tried to float but couldn’t. I felt like sinking. I found it hard to breath as my nose was dipped in water. I started to kick the water with my legs but no use. I went deep inside. I felt suffocated.

I could hear my scream. When I got up from my nightmare I was breathing hard and sweating. This dream always haunted me. Many times I tried talking to my dad about it but always he ignored it saying “dreams are nothing but a spark thrown out by our mind”. I looked around as it was dark I couldn’t see much. I felt I was clothes and my cuts were stitched. I touched my lips. I still could feel the blood on them. I tried to move when somebody on the light. As the darkness escaped I got a better view of the room. I looked around and was relieved to find the kid standing near the entrance. I looked at him. He said something in strange language. As I continued staring at him he said “no standing, rest, rest”. I checked my surroundings it didn’t take much time to realize that I am still in a ship. Again I tried to move. The long rob which I was wearing caught in to my leg and I stumbled to the floor. The kid came running and held my hand and said “no walking, rest, rest”. This was the firt time somebody cared for me after so many days. Tears filled my eyes and I hugged the kid. He was taken back by my action. He moved out and said “no crying”. I hugged him tightly and said “thank you “. He put me back to my bed and said “rest”. I sat on the bed. Cabin was old but was clean. I saw the white bed sheets and thought how I hated white sheets as they were difficult to maintain. I looked at my long dress. I just wonder which people still wear those long robs. I looked at my legs and hand. All my cuts were cleaned and stitched. I looked at the kid and said “who treated my wounds”. He said “my master, as Alia didn’t come with us master had to do the stitching. He don’t like the job”. He smiled. He looked very cute when he smiled. I asked his name and he said “Raleeba”. I tried to analyse his name. It didn’t make any sense. It was my childhood habit to tell the religion name as soon as I hear the names. Raleeba sounds like Islamic name. I asked where are we . He said somewhere in middle of Africa and it will take another 2 days to reach home. HOME, how I wanted to see my pa. My eyes filled with tears remembering the past incident. My pa must be worried. I started crying as Sam’s dreadful face appeared in front of eyes. I tried to control but couldn’t help it. Raleeba came running towards me and said “don’t cry, you are safe. Nobody will harm you here”. How I wanted to see my dead Rex wagging his tail. I closed my eyes. All I wanted was change the past 2 or 3 days. As Raleeba continued stroking my head like a small kid I passed out .

Who is Raleeba?Is Zoovy safe??

(Trust me writing novel is such a pain. Funniest part is i think,scratch my ass and write and nobody reads it. )