Goechala Day 2: Yuksum To Sachen

Posted: August 9, 2022 in My Silly thoughts
First day first grp pic
Land slides are common. One wrong foot or hoof and you will be history
Never stopping boys.
Camp site
Our Mess

Trek was easy with slopes and steep ascend, without rain and leeches. Trail was dry and met many strangers who were returning. Cold packed lunch wasn’t that great but we didn’t had any option.

By the time we reached Sachen it started to drizzle. Thanks to TTH staff they pitched our tent in no time.

Our Mess was bit far away hence we didn’t bother to go back to our tents when we went for our soup. Thanks to the rain, acclimatization was cancelled. Our HR partners showcased their talents by entertaining us. With great difficulty we washed our lunch box in that cold water. Well maintained Indian toilet was very comforting in place surrounded by mules

Far away from civilization there was peace, atleast for a while we didn’t have to worry about the life’s cats race, traffic, work. My tent mate, the Pink lipstick lady was very down to earth and a non-snoring lady, i thanked all my stars for that

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