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Kodachadri, I had seen pics and heard lot of adventurous stories, so it was lying in my list from couple of years. It’s not that I never tried, it just that whenever I planned  either the trek got cancelled or I had to drop out at the last minute. Thanks to #Itinerary I geared up for the trek in August, in midst of the crazy monsoon 

Best time to visit Kodachadri is September-October, post the monsoon, definitely not during Monsoon. It was raining non stop for a week, near by places were already flooded , Mlore was half submerged so as Shimoga but I didn’t had the nerve to cancel my trek. “Dont worry, this time definitely you will see Kodachadri” trek organizer, my friend Vishwajeet’s boosting words all I needed. I ignored the news, weather reports, natures wild signs

By the time we reached Shimoga on Saturday morning 6.00AM, it was already flooded. We waited almost for 2 hours with hope to cross a small bridge which was invisible in that dirty water. We waited and waited, when the water didnt budge we went in search of other route. It wasnt easy but some how we were able to cross a flooded bridge

If you dont yield to the signs of nature this is what happens

After freshening up and having our breakfast we started our trek in that poring rain

Some had come prepared while others didnt. I was the only one who was super prepared with poncho and wind sheet.

Monsoon treks are different than the usual ones. There are no views at all, with cloud blocking the scenery it’s always the rain and leeches you are left with. I did enjoy little bit of it. If you ask me if I want to do a Monsoon trek again , a BIG NO is all you get.

My poncho almost killed me twice. The crazy wind blew so hard I almost stumbled and fell, If I wasnt holding anything for support by now I would have been history.

At the top there is small temple. People said the view from here is really nice but all we could see was pissed off clouds, standing and glaring back at us.

It was a nice group of trekkers, with known and unknown faces the trek was fun with blood sucking leeches. It was a packed lunch  and local home-stay for the night. Nicely organized by #itinerary team.

It was pain to watch how those leeches sucked your blood clutching with all their might and then fell like a drunkard.

Other trekkers left for Jog falls while I had to travel to Mlore due to personal emergency. Jog falls still in my wish list, hopefully soon I will be able to strike it out.

First Monsoon Trek- Kurinjal

Posted: August 17, 2018 in Trails I explored

Local trek though I was super excited for my first monsoon trek.

So what, it was just another place in Karnataka, I was looking forward to get drenched in rain and walk. Did anyone mentioned leeches until then? no, never. One look at their crawling body and I went crazy. “Never ever again I am going to trek in monsoon” I vowed and nature was my witness.

Lush greenery was mocking when we were screaming and running away from the blood sucking leeches.

They are just amateur weekend fun seekers, not trekkers. Dont judge them by their umbrellas

We could see and feel the wrath of mother nature

We walked pulling the creep leeches from our shoes.

The unseen life beyond the oblivion.

Kurinjal peakWindy though we walked carefully, holding the grass, rock for support

May be I will trek the place again to see the real face masked behind this rock

Never ending search.

Strangers we meet on the trail, never remain strangers.

The crazy descend begins.

Mind blowing isnt it.

Legend says, on full moon day when moon dances in the sky casting his spell on earth, unseen women dance on the roof of this broken house. (See I am good at making stories)

Climbing any tough peak is no big deal for these code writing nerds

Where men follow a girl with umbrella it becomes legendary.

Yes, we did it. We survived the leech bites, crazy wind and slippery rocks

Kalu, Belli, Julie and Jimmy. The shop keeper totally has 6 dogs and he doesnt mind having more.

Kalu seemed very sleepy. I was very much tempted to put one dog in my bag and take it home.

Belli giving mental support for the distress trekkers beaten by leeches.

Spectacular view in the evening.

Small, old house of Shankarnna was filled with joy, laughter and happiness that evening. His down to earth attitude, rich sense of humor made me feel at home.

No I didnt sleep till 8 like other ladies, Sankanranna’s song to his buffaloes was my alarm at that day. Up at 6.30, I was singing the same buffalo song whole day.  He reminded me of my neighbor Duggapanna who used to and still wrap a piece of cloth round his waist. As a kid I always wonder what we will see if Dugapannas piece of cloth drops but to my disappointment, the tiny knot held on to its life and I never got to see the unseen.


Shankarannas humble adobe


My cute, button like, small but smart guide Sristi. Even though she looks small, tiny-winy, she is in 6th standard. One look at her and you will fall in love with her.

Some advice from Shankarnna to build some abs and 6 packs

Saying hi to God like always in style

The cute little friend we met on the way back home.

Its easy trek or rather I would say easy walk except for the steep, windy peak. If you are visiting Kurinjal in monsoon be ready for leeches, no I didnt like them so as other fellow trekkers but that’s what make the trek more memorable? But there is different joy walking in rain enjoying it, feeling it singing song you never learnt from any movies. Shankarnna who provides the shelter and food for the trekkers is an awesome guy. Farmer though his sense of humor is intact, super cool guy. If you want to get away from your annoying, stressing job,pack your bags and hop on  hashitenerary ( because it is totally worth it.