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I was running late for mass last Saturday, stuck in signal I was acting like my constipated nephew when my eyes fell this auto with cheesy lines written in Kannada with a spelling mistake which made me scratch my head and eat my auto drivers head. So what he is a auto driver, there is spelling mistake poet resides within him just like me:)

Till your eyes get mixed with Soil

Till your speech turn into silence

Till your heart beat stops

Till this body this body going to mud

Let your love be there for me

                                                                      My dear girl friend

I have seen several shop keepers chasing street dogs when they come seeking shelter on some rainy day. It wasn’t raining just but few heavy drops of rain were enough to make you run. I was just passing by when I saw this dog sleeping on mat of Planet Fashion, Indiranagar, without a care in the world. After a moment he got from his sleep, stretched his body, yawned like a crazy bas**** and went back to sleep. No one dared to chase him.  Planet Fashion, Bravo!.