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Students rallying on the road, Bangalore,was something nice to see on Children’s day. Listen to them and say “No to Drugs”


I was waiting for my metro card to swipe when the small kid in yellow striped shirt, old blue shorts but no footwear caught my attention. His father in whose hand his tiny hand was held was dressed in a shirt, lungi and the footwear were missing. Holding his father’s hand he was super excited to put the token in the Metro gate pass. Laughing he waited for his father’s instruction, after crossing he waited for his father to reach him. When his father came he lifted his tiny arms towards him, smilingly his father picked him easily and put him on his shoulder. The little boy was happy so as his father. Nothing could wipe out their happiness, not even the poverty.

Nothing can beat the ride on daddy’s shoulder.

I don’t remember when was the last time I looked so happy and careless for more than a minute without thinking about present and future, having multiple footwear for different purpose didn’t even help. As they walked first time I was jealous of a little kid riding on his daddy’s shoulder

He wasn’t all that happy when he saw me clicking his picture, may be he didn’t like my face:)

I was just walking when I saw the crowded Brigade road passage. With so many a**es blocking the way It was pretty hard to see any faces

According to the passerby, the usual samosa vendor it was Shahid Kapoor coming down to Bangalore to do some shopping in Reebok.

Happy Shopping Shahid Kapoor, hope you find the right size of pair of shoes.

When monster is working it is magical to watch, how easily but efficiently it does its work

If you find a old, shaggy, dirty, black and white dog with paw printed water bowl, sitting under a big name plate, with security guard few feet away from him then you are in Museum Road, Bangalore.

Its almost been 3 months and I find him at the same spot. With his fancy paw printer water bowl he  looked like he had been there all his life.

Want to see lake, visit Bangalore roads on a rainy day

Imagine walking in that dirt piss water. Forget pedicure, you need Dettol+Phenol+Alcohol+…. to free tour feet from bacteria.

You know swimming then take a chance of crossing the road

Definitely we need boats to cross those flooded roads in Bangalore. While many of us sit at home sipping hot coffee, eating bajji’s watching some old Hindi movie lying on that ass pampering couch there is someone out there, in that heavy rain, on those flooded road working their ass off.  Bangalore Traffic Police, Bravo

School days are the best, do worries, no responsibilities, Just study, play and balance your legs up in the air.