Kodachadri – Monsoon Trek

Posted: April 2, 2020 in Trails I explored

Kodachadri, I had seen pics and heard lot of adventurous stories, so it was lying in my list from couple of years. It’s not that I never tried, it just that whenever I planned  either the trek got cancelled or I had to drop out at the last minute. Thanks to #Itinerary I geared up for the trek in August, in midst of the crazy monsoon 

Best time to visit Kodachadri is September-October, post the monsoon, definitely not during Monsoon. It was raining non stop for a week, near by places were already flooded , Mlore was half submerged so as Shimoga but I didn’t had the nerve to cancel my trek. “Dont worry, this time definitely you will see Kodachadri” trek organizer, my friend Vishwajeet’s boosting words all I needed. I ignored the news, weather reports, natures wild signs

By the time we reached Shimoga on Saturday morning 6.00AM, it was already flooded. We waited almost for 2 hours with hope to cross a small bridge which was invisible in that dirty water. We waited and waited, when the water didnt budge we went in search of other route. It wasnt easy but some how we were able to cross a flooded bridge

If you dont yield to the signs of nature this is what happens

After freshening up and having our breakfast we started our trek in that poring rain

Some had come prepared while others didnt. I was the only one who was super prepared with poncho and wind sheet.

Monsoon treks are different than the usual ones. There are no views at all, with cloud blocking the scenery it’s always the rain and leeches you are left with. I did enjoy little bit of it. If you ask me if I want to do a Monsoon trek again , a BIG NO is all you get.

My poncho almost killed me twice. The crazy wind blew so hard I almost stumbled and fell, If I wasnt holding anything for support by now I would have been history.

At the top there is small temple. People said the view from here is really nice but all we could see was pissed off clouds, standing and glaring back at us.

It was a nice group of trekkers, with known and unknown faces the trek was fun with blood sucking leeches. It was a packed lunch  and local home-stay for the night. Nicely organized by #itinerary team.

It was pain to watch how those leeches sucked your blood clutching with all their might and then fell like a drunkard.

Other trekkers left for Jog falls while I had to travel to Mlore due to personal emergency. Jog falls still in my wish list, hopefully soon I will be able to strike it out.

  1. Harsh says:

    🌳🌳🌳 Time for Monsoon Treks 😁🌦️


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