i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter7

Posted: May 17, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"
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I didn’t expect that incredible hunk to guard me. When i got up from my sleep crying i expected  to be alone. But that breath taking man proved me wrong. When he had touched me i could feel the 100V running through my veins.  I knew it whatever I am feeling for him is not right. I should not feel that way.  After what happened with me, I cant imagine liking man spices. But something was different about this guy. He looked humble and strong. After all he is the one who saved me from those cannibals. When he spoke politely I knew it he is like a magnet and I am attracted to him like iron rod. I had to count 1-100 to be normal. When he had walked away i felt light of my life walking away. I never understood why I held his hand and stopped him. Again i felt my veins going numb. When i felt I am burning in his touch, I let his hand go.

Now I was standing in front of him. He was tall and  I  was reaching his chest. I wanted to giggle when I realized its his rob i was wearing. How i wanted to listen to his heart beat then. My hands itch to touch his hair which was fallen on his forehead.  In other circumstance i would have done anything to own this guy. But now I can’t dream of things which are not possible. I  had asked his name and the place. When he paused i thought he never gonna answer my question. But then he had said it “Caleb”. It sounded so right. I repeated in my mind “CALEB”. I was looking at him hoping he will answer my second question but he paused again. I assumed may be he doesn’t want to answer that question. Then he had said “he is a pirate”. If I was surprised I didn’t show it on my face. I have read it in paper how pirates used to hijack the ship and ask ransom.        I just looked at him whit curiosity in my eyes. Never in my wildest dream I thought I will meet the pirates. So the guy who saved me is a pirate.  Should I be scared? I don’t know. I don’t have anything to lose. In fact I am ready to die I don’t have any interest in life.

When I was staring at him he started to walk, I said “wonder why you saved me, you could have let me die there”. He said it cruelly “we are humans lady. We just grab few bits from rich b%$# and enjoy. We never take advantage of helpless woman”. Yeah that’s what I am “helpless woman”. How I wanted to correct him. Before I could say anything Rall rushed in and said “you are needed on the deck”. Caleb said “You will stay with her.” He gave him his gun and said “I know you will take care of both both of you”.

Before I could say something he was gone. I felt sick. I looked at Ralls horrified face and knew it then something is wrong.

Is Zoovy gonna regret being saved?what happened on the deck???

(Boom boom boom i am scratching my ass sorry head…..wht should happen next??)

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