I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 5

Posted: November 1, 2012 in STORY

Jenny never thought her life will be so miserable. Early morning she used to get up and accompany her husband jogging. She had tough time adjusting to this new routine but gradually she got used to it. Her father in law never complained about her stamina after the first incident. As soon as Ron left for work she used to go to her in laws house. There she used to help her mother-in-law in her household chores. Then both used to sit ,chit-chat and watch some movies. If by any chance if she meets her father-in-law she used to smile at him. She never felt relaxed when he was around.

It was one afternoon when she was watching TV with her mother-in-law, Ron’s dad came home. She knew it something was wrong. Her mother-in-law asked with anxiety “everything fine Lewis? Why are you at home at this time?”. He looked at Jenny and said “go home Jenny, Help Ron to pack his things. He is leaving for an assignment”. Her mother-in-law said “What?he is newly married and how could they send him?”. General Lewis said “Its his call, he have to go”. Her mother-in-law said “go home Jenny, spend remaining time with Ron”.

As soon as Jenny reached home she went to her room. She saw Ron packing. Ron looked very serious she thought. She stood in front of him and said “I know you can manage but still if you need any help let me know”. He looked at her and smiled sarcastically and said “from when you started to care about me han?” Jenny sat on a chair nearby, ignored his question and said “when you coming back?”. Ron fixed his eyes on his wife and said “may be after three months. If you want to visit your home you can go”. Jenny said “no, I will stay here”. Ron chuckled and said “what’s with you? don’t you want to visit your parents?”. Jenny said “I am your wife and my place is here not there”. Ron laughed and said “as you mentioned as a wife your place is on my bed not on the chair”. Ron winked at his wife seeing her blush. Jenny said “stop acting like my daddy. Tell me what about your heart? Is somebody in there?”. Ron said “you have to find out”.

After having dinner Ron said “lets go for a walk”. Jenny said “it’s late and you have to get up early…”.Ron said “get your coat, we are going for a walk”. She thought she can never argue with her husband

It was very cold outside. Jenny never thought Delhi will be so cold in December. Dexter was walking with them. Don’t know why first time she felt content. She walked beside Ron. Occasionally their hand touched and she didn’t even try to move away, she started to like his touch. Ron said “you and Dexter will be staying with my parents until I come back”. Jenny exclaimed and said “what!!!! We will stay in our house”. Ron said “you thought you can escape from early-morning-jog? You are mistaken lady, you both will be staying with my parents”. Jenny cursed Ron. After while he stopped walking and turned around so that he could see Jenny. His face was mixture of all emotions she thought. He said “I want one favor from you Jenny”. Jenny couldn’t believe that Ron is asking a favor from her. The guy who was so dominating was asking a favor she couldn’t believe her ears. He said “my parents are old, don’t make them worry about you. I know you were forced to marry me. If you want I can free you from your marriage vows but it’s my parents I am worried about. They are already dead from inside. Their elder’s son’s death is still haunting them. So all I am asking you is just take care of them. I never asked anyone to look after them but today I am asking you.” Jenny’s eyes filled with tears. She closed the distance between them and held Ron’s hand in hers and said “Don’t worry, I will take care of them.” Jenny’s mind was saying something and heart was saying something else. It was Rons hand which was warming her up in the chilly weather. She stood in her toes and tried to kiss Ron when Dexter barked. Ron moved away and called for Dexter. When he couldn’t find Dexter he said “stay here, I will see..” . Its then one tall figure appeared from the dark. Ron wished the man saying “good evening sir”. The man smiled at Ron and then at Jenny and said “I came for walk when I heard some sound so I stopped and then I found your dog. This must be your wife”. He extended his hand and said “happy married life. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Gen Sachin sharma, I work with Ron’s dad”. Jenny didn’t like the older guy. May the way he was looking at her made her uncomfortable. He said “heard you are leaving tomorrow, all the very best”. Ron smiled and said “thank you sir”. Then the older guy said “Ok, I will leave now, good night”.

Once back in the house Ron went to his study. Alone in the bed room Jenny saw the packed bags and wondered how her life going to be for those 3 months. Even though she didn’t love Ron she didn’t like the thought of staying away from him. She waited for Ron to join her but when he didn’t come she slept.

When she woke up next morning Ron was ready to leave. Ron’s parents had come to their house to say good bye to Ron. Rons mothers eyes were swollen. Ron looked at his mother and said “come on ma, its only three months. I will be back before you know. His mother hugged him and said “Shawn said the same thing but he never returned alive. I don’t want to lose you Ron, don’t go”. Ron hugged his mother tightly, kissed her cheek and said “I will come ma”. Then he asked his father’s blessings. Gen Lewis patted his sons back and said “take care my son”. His parents walked out and gave some space to Ron and Jenny. Ron hugged Jenny and said “All the best, my dad is worse than me”. Jenny tried to beat Ron but he caught her hand in his and said “be good girl and listen to him, he doesn’t like lazy people”. Before Jenny could say anything Ron kissed her lips and hugged her. Before Jenny could do anything he said “I will miss kissing you”. Then he kissed her forehead and stood there watching her. Jenny stood there watching her husband’s face glowing. She wiped her lipstick mark from his lips and said “will miss fighting with you army boy”. Jenny wanted to stand watching her husband forever. Ron then kissed Dexters nose and said “take care of my wife Dexy boy”. And then he was gone.

Gen Lewis told her to pack her bags as soon as possible. Once she packed her bags Gen Lewis said “you will have a memorable time with us, I promise”. Jenny smiled and followed her in-laws


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    senti…. but nice one it is… 🙂


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    Is dis d ending.. if not we r waiting for d ending.. pls do complete dis 1…


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    congos.. just nw got the mail.. Runners in Doubles.. G8..go ahead


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