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His name is Harsha Aithal, a stud. He is a techie!!! , very good in writing code. With looks like that i am sure he should have done dozen of movies by now. He was my senior in college thats how i know him. He is a cool, fun loving guy. Hope one day i can see him on big screens jingling his body for the beats. All the best BRO!!!!


Well, first of all a big thanks to sister sil for letting me scribble in her space, even though I am nowhere
near to her mighty fun blogging.. I read somewhere that India is the only country in the world which has
most people aged under 35..!! now If you think of what most part of that crowd is doing these days then
you will end up somewhere near facebook. We have almost forgotten the written media except for a
few minutes during morning coffee. It is a rarity that people like sister sil in her youth (yes- I call her like
that even though she has enormous number of aliases!! From her cute nephews and nieces or some
other people for that matter!!) still find it intriguing to write something. So lots of Respect!!

‘nuff flirting J .. let me get to what I wanted to say – The journey

Things I wanted to say here was due for a long long time. Last 2 years in Chennai I usually walk, to and
from office, you know, thinking I will lose all the weight and go invisible one day! something of that
sort hardly happened in reality, but the same stretch of road everyday would give me a totally different
experience, refreshing as well as frustrating, sometimes dusty sometimes rainy !

And when I am walking alone I plug my earpieces on for some songs and also to avoid ever honking
Chennai crowd. The song and being yourself gives a whole new prospect to your perception for things
happening around you. You have time to think and observe rather than just get in to others situation
and get lost.

I leave my room, walk some distance and I reach the main road, and from that moment things start to
get interesting. The first place I have to cross is a bar, “ oh no it is a hotel! no it is bar.. hell.. it is a bar
in the evening and a hotel till evening !!“ So I walk past this bar and gaze towards it to find people in
there cleaning last night’s mess. I walk past the water which they used to clean their floor and letting it
flow generously on the newly laid main road. I see some animations I see some faint voices! You know I
am still plugged in. Next couple of minutes I am fully merged with in my own thought process of finding
out reasons for “why people drink”. Well, everybody has their own reasons and most of them has some
common reasons. Reasons apart, what amazes me most is that how an individual behave after drinking.
The same individual when he/she is not drinking, with all their senses make conscious effort to try not to
behave like a drunkard, which brings me in asking what do we really want as an individual?? Behave in a
way we want to? Or what others want ?

Few minutes later, if I am early on that day, I see some municipality workers trying their ass out to clean
the stretch of the road even though they are very well aware of the fact that in the next minute or so
some shopkeeper is trying to keep his shop clean by dumping the filth on the road. I pity them And pity
us for blaming government for everything..

Next up is the school.. I go back to my school days , while I was having fun in flashback, a fast ridden
two wheeler comes straight down to my neck and I was this close to get a scratch.. The most disturbing
aspect of that scene was this guy on the motor cycle took a wrong side to save some fuel and he was
non other than a parent of a small kid who is going to that same school to learn some right things. That
makes me think is school the only place left to learn some right things.. Why cant the society be good
and everybody learns from it.. Why do we always need laws to monitor us.. Are we that bad..? We are
humans.. The most intelligent creatures on the earth… Remember? ?

I walk a few steps more .. Songs being played one after another.. Since I put the player on a random
mode same set of songs gets played in different order everyday so that I dont get bored of it.. What
should I say.. Technology..,,!!!

Now I reached this place.. not a mere place.. Heaven .. ! A vegetarian restaurant… Need I say more..?
Tantalizing smell of that breakfast.. Specially Idlis.. Which this place is famous for.. Red advertising board
infront of the hotel listing out “today’s special” makes me forget everything bad that happened so far.
Plus, I have already forgotten why I chose to walk daily. Thank god for food !!

Before I end my morning journey to office.. I have cross this super luxury hotel called Hiltons… This is
where things get akward. These guys had planned it to built there thinking that it is close to an IT park.
But it aint worked out like it was supposed to.. Almost everyday I see a white guy trying to figure out
how to reach the building which is just few steps from the hotel. He comes to the hotel gate.. Security
tells him that the building he is looking for is just there but still this white dude is confused.. He doesnt
know how to walk mere 10 steps.. He can see a footpath leading to that building but poor chap cant
take the fact that a woman on her knees is washing some utensils on that path way where he was
supposed to walk on. He decides to venture but the super speciality smell of municipality garbage
container suffocates him to death and he goes back to the hotel, asks for a drop and probably thinks to
finish his business here and go back. This happens almost every day and I couldn’t do anything about it
except for the laugh.

Thats it.. I reach the office.. Pull off my earpieces and get myself ready to embrace the reality. As some
rightly said it is not the money that makes you cry, laugh or feel akward about your past.. It is the
memories that you have left for yourself.

Signing off.. Peace out! !


  1. sylvia says:

    Hey Harsha, its just awesome. Never felt i am reading , i felt i am watching. Waiting with hope that soon you will send more and more write ups:)


  2. loly says:

    :):) Thumbs Up!! Good one Harsha


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