Posted: October 24, 2013 in POEM

While sun rise and flower bloom
My heart is the only thing which gloom
With my fingers tracing dimples on the picture
I realized i am a cursed creature

While you sleep with your head on another man’ s arm
i turn the pages of our memory of album
With Strong whiskey flowing through my throat
I walk the in the monsoon with same blue coat

I could see the same shivering gal in the rain
tried to embrace,woken by imaginary pain
i will never forget those wonderful moments of life
While you do your duties being another mans wife

Looking into my eyes you nailed my heart
same lane i seek you which is now desert
i am not, but sound like a paranoid
with my heart bleeding i gulp the strong liquid

Still living with my heart dead
hurt and tired i feel exhausted
With no interest to live i walk
carrying the heavy burden of bulk

With you, you took away the colors
With my heart shackled with your love i thought you were my jailor
Throwing the key you proved me wrong
Since then i am listening to only sad love song
Smoke of tobacco tried very hard
But who can beat the fragrance winning award?
Days would not have been the same
if you would have changed yours to my name
Will love you, as i love you before
If possible love you no less but more
With your smiling face in my eyes
Everyday i bid fair well to those sunny rays
  1. navee says:

    well its good but could have been much better by considering your writing..


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