Posted: November 4, 2013 in Gallery


Jimmy sat there near the road crawled up like a small bundle.  With the dirt dominating his body and curious eyes I found him cute.

Every time I pass that particular (Nagawarapalya, near Kaggadaspura) road which seems to be his home I found his sitting on the roadside and watching the passing cars. May be he has a hope that somebody some good heart guy will stop his car and take him home and shower him with lots of love and care. Years must have passed with Gimmy is still waiting   with hope and faith.

Being expert in running all we humans do is run and get scared when some problem comes. I know in this generation when we expect anything to happen in click of button we get disappointed when we face prolonging hard ships. Some commit suicide while some run away from home, some kill his mate while some lose hope in god.

Gimmy may be a ugly, disease full street dog but we have many lessons to learn from him.Let’s to live with hope, patience and faith like Gimmy.

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