So You Got A Date?

Posted: February 13, 2016 in My Silly thoughts
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“So you got a date?” I was just taking first bite of my lunch when my colleague shot me with his arrow.

“For what? To kill my precious time and burn my wallet?”

“To know the person, to get hitched, at least try tinder it’s free”. I never understand his persuasion, it never stops.

“Phew, most of the pseudos’ you find in those app’s wants only one thing, to get into your pants and I am way to beyond that.  “ASL”, “why you are single”, “how many boyfriends you had?” why simply waste time I rather…”

“Rather watch some romantic movie and listen to some old love songs munching on Pizza when whole world celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved one”

When I became so predictable I wondered. “You tell me what you are planning to do? Buy red roses, red heart and literally bleed red?”

“Naa, I am planning for a long ride with my darling, may be catch the sun rise”

“See I like that, its mature love. No fussing about red color, flowers and gifts. Ok, I have a question”

My friend paused for a while and gave me a look; people always give that look when I say I have some question. “Let’s see whether I’ll be able to clear your doubt, shoot” he said leaning back in his chair.

“Week before valentine’s day they flaunt red bra, undies for women but why not red briefs of men? Men don’t wear red briefs? Or may be….. ”

My friend interrupted me in middle “Now I know why you are single Lobo”

“What did I do wrong? I was just trying to get some answer to my question?”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong. Having doubts, questions is normal thing but yours are bit weird and you need to control them”

“Really?I don’t see why?I can control my tears, my piss but not my questions. Last guy I asked out died answering my questions with masala dosa still in his mouth” I said shrugging my shoulder.

“You went on a date? and That too masala dosa? didn’t you get any other better idea?” he was bombarding me with questions. “When was this? OMG, I can’t believe”

“What is there to believe, I asked him out on masala dosa date, nice guy, I didn’t clear my aptitude test so full stop else would have married him right there in the restaurant. Apparently he was my second date.”

“Second? Who was the first?” I felt his eyes balls will pop out any moment.

“Some guy must be married by now. Can you believe guys dont ask me out so I do the honors. After all I am independent, confident, smart, sophisticated, working woman as my friend says. See, it’s not that I don’t try to find a son-in-law for my dad but it never works. “

“If you go on asking your weird questions I doubt they want to meet you again”.

“So I should pretend to be nice, shake my head like cow for whatever they say, blink my eyes 100 times per minute and tilt my head 180 degree and smile showing my white turning yellowish teeth?”

“Holly cow, who has been filling your head? You don’t have to do no such thing, but yeah in initial stage control those questions, you have the capacity to blow the bomb before its time, exceptional case”

“And pretend to be someone whom I am not?” I looked into his eyes and repeated my question “So I should pretend?” I stressed

Avoiding my eyes he said “Yeah, initial stage until the fish is in the net”

“I rather die killing a sea monster than pretend.” the warrior in me was wide awake with shining sword in his hand

My friend grumbled “And now I know why the lady is single”

“What did you say?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Nothing” was all he managed to say fearing the ambush of my tongue.

“And yeah being single is not a curse it’s my choice. Candle light dinner, long rides, a movie may be sounds romantic  but what’s with all those pricy flowers, eerie looking red dress, lingerie, hearts which scream on press “I love you” confuse me. The way they treat second week of Feb holier than lent with hug day, rose day, kiss day and Teddy bear day literally gives me migraines. After Valentine’s Day what? Throw those pricy flowers, poop those expensive chocolates and pack the red dress with moth ball?”

“Funny Right, he said smiling then he continued after pausing for a while “I don’t know what other couples do on Valentine’s Day but I spend some quality time with my precious one. If your love is pure and deep a plain looking hibiscus from the backyard is enough to bring the million dollar smile on her face. Gifts, colors, place doesn’t matter as long as you know day after Valentine’s Day she will be still beside you.

I looked at him happily feasting on the fried fish. With gold band shining on his finger he looked like a man in love. May be all guys are not same, it’s just I haven’t bumped into one yet.

“Wow, you talk like a guy who lost his heart”

“Yeah Lobo, I did, I lost it long back when I laid my eyes on her for the first time”

My smile turned into hysterical giggles when he added “And to answer your question I don’t know why they don’t display red briefs in shops but I love them”



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