St Paul’s Cathedral

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Gallery, TransOceanic
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img_20170204_132018933It was just perfect.

img_20170204_132356912This massive door opens only when Royal family comes for visit not for the commoners like meimg_20170204_141238465Does it look like a Pineapple or its only me who can see the replica of pineapple growing in my aunt’s backyard.img_20170204_142555052To visit the dome we have to walk , climb steps after steps img_20170204_142835588Breath taking view is totally worth is when you are breathless climbing so many stepsimg_20170204_143038697All skyscrapers flaunt their beauty proudlyimg_20170204_143410212

img_20170204_143506579London eye

img-20170205-wa0062That is Shard

img_20170204_143524680Thames flowing quietly with all the dirt and tearsimg_20170204_151851415The Queen with her knightsimg_20170204_152030648Its magnificent building, sad that taking picture is inside is prohibited. Its a must visit placeimg-20170205-wa0033Oh yeah, that’s me with two eyesimg-20170205-wa0067London bridge from top of St Pauls Cathedralimg-20170205-wa0068That is what i have been doing on every London street.


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