St Paul’s Cathedral

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Gallery, London, TransOceanic
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The entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral

It was just perfect.

This massive door opens only when Royal family comes for visit not for the commoners like meimg_20170204_141238465Does it look like a Pineapple or its only me who can see the replica of pineapple growing in my aunt’s backyard.img_20170204_142555052To visit the dome we have to walk , climb steps after steps Breath taking view is totally worth is when you are breathless climbing so many stepsAll skyscrapers flaunt their beauty proudly

That is Shard

London Bridge

Thames flowing quietly with all the dirt and tears

London eye

Its magnificent building, thing is taking picture inside is prohibited.Its a must visit place

The Queen with her knightsJust a walk on the London street makes you fall in love with the place. The beautifully built buildings, romantic streets not to forget the cold weather.

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