Masakali Ki Delhi-India Gate

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Delhi, Exploring India
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As I landed in Delhi, I didnt feel like I am in different place. But as soon as I entered the metro with my girls, It hit me. Never-seen-oil-turning-into-brown-hair, red color outlined lips, buy one get one free shirts won by men, when stare at you without blinking, it makes your skin crawl. If I was complaining about the staring-women-contest of Bangalorean men I was in for a bigger surprise in Delhi.No we weren’t in belly button flaunting crop tops or but cracks showing tees, we were fully clothes from head to toe. F*** our capital and F*** all the men

India Gate in all angles.

Buy end of the day we were so used to the men staring at us like we were fresh breed of chimps in market. Sadly we have to see India gate in the pitch dark, but glad we did.

We were there couple of months back, but the weather was still bad. But surprisingly could see greenery unlike Bangalore.Chat ka khazana

“Bhaayyaji, Bhaayyaji, Sarojini Chalogae?” I was trying pout the Delhi accent I watched in you tube

“What with you SnL? we are not going to Sarojini, we are going to India Gate”

“Ka Bhole babu, Hamki patha hai” I was full on

“You are mental, trust me. wonder which all accent you have learned”

Then the epic dialogue from Raanjhana

“hey rickshaw wale paisa na le, bhabi hai teri, ….” Even the cab driver was laughing. Really, with all my talent I should have been a actress, playing hero’s sister or heroines sisters role

We stayed in Connaught place, pretty decent locality.

People whom we met seemed nice but then the recent crime news made us doubt each and everyone.

Its beautiful but not safe, with pollution and population maintaining their equilibrium, red pan spit mark on walls you miss home.  Delhi is beautiful but I think it already lost its essence.

Safety Tips:

-Make sure you are staying in a decent area

-Partying in Delhi, naa, you can come don to Bangalore, it has more pubs than churches.,

-Trust no one, specially if you are a tourist

-Only women trip not a good idea, there were places we got goose bumps. Like we did, Miss N, Miss L with SnL

-Carry pepper spray, butter knife(you can poke his eyes) and dont panic

-Try acting like a localite like me, calling Bhayyaji, Bhayyaji all time.

Every time I said “Bhayyaji”, Miss L had to sigh and say “for heaven sake SnL, stop saying Bhayyaji”,

“Then What should I call them?As you see I tried calling them Sir, but they dont like it”

“Call just Bhayya”

“Bhayyaji Bhyyaji Sarojini chalogae?”

“You are mental” Miss N was contributing using her short hand skills on phone.

To be continued…

  1. Swathi says:

    Hope you had great trip…😊


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