Hamari Delhi-RedFort, Chandni Chowk, Q-Minar, Sarojini

Posted: November 30, 2017 in Delhi, Exploring India
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“Miss N, see Puri Jagannath temple,” I was fooling around

Miss N, looked at me and then at the temple, “really SnL?”.

Red Fort


I am kick ass photographer, I told ya

Jama Masjid

Goat on its final wait; during Eid

In our half crop pants we couldn’t visit Jama Masjid, I will regret it always.

Electric wires are everywhere

Cramped up place but still busy, imagine staying in this locality for a day or two.

Chandni Chowk

Ignore the arm, see the belt, little bit long it could have wrapped againRickshawalas are so common, if the god was around he would have travelled by the same
“Hey rickshawwali, paisa na le, bhabi hai teri”

“Not again SnL” Miss N started. But nothing could stop me


“Lambi wali, jo gussaemae hai”

Listening to me even the rickshaw guy laughed

Oh yeah, old buildings still stand strong

Qutb Minar

Its mind captivating, making you wonder the great personalities Indian had ages ago.

When they started to build this Minar, they wanted to build taller than Qutb Minar but due some reason it never raise from its base

One last time

Trees seems to be weeping seeing me go

Are’nt they cute

“Bhayyaji, bhayyaji, Sarojini Chalogae”? L and N rolled their eyes

Sarojini, Finally!!!

“Madamji, lelo, sirf 100rs”(Madam, just 100rs, buy it)

Travel tips:

-Try to carry a pair of pants everywhere you go, few places they wont allow you if you are half dressed.

-Public entry is restricted on few days, check before you visit the place.

-Keep your energy pumping, there is lot more to do in each and every places. From admiring to experiencing.

-Try Delhi Metro, fast and cheap.


To be continued

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