I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter22

Posted: November 22, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

With heavy heart Zoovy boarded the ship. Her eyes were swollen weeping for her dear pa. She looked back at the familiar coast and closed her eyes. She never going to come back to this place she told herself. She knew no matter how hard she try this place will haunt her till her grave. As she couldn’t stand there watching the place she loved disappear with the water she went to her room and closed the door

Caleb wanted to run behind his wife and hold her. But his instinct told him Zoovy want to left alone. He cursed himself for his helplessness. He knew her distress will affect the babies but he cpuldnt do anything. With frustration he punched the railing. He paced on the deck for few hours while his heart wanted to be with woman he loved so dearly. When he couldn’t take it anymore he walked to the bedroom which he shared with Zoovy.

He opened the door slowly hoping to find Zoovy fast asleep. When he saw her swollen eyes he knew it will another 2 to 3 hours before she sleep. He stood there watching her, she was sitting onna chair and looking outside through the window.  She said “I thought you will never come Caleb, what made you take so long?”. Caleb said “I am sorry I took so long” and covered the distance with long strides. He continued “here I am, tell me how can I reduce your pain”. Zoovy got up from chair and stood face to face with Caleb and said “hold me Caleb, just hold me. I feel so alone”. Caleb held her and stroked her hair like a small baby and said “its alright Zoovy, I am here now. You are not alone and never will be. I am there, babies are there, you have a complete family”. Zoovy said “I cant believe he is no more. How I wanted to hug him and talk to him. Wanted to tell him my whole story.  He was wonderful father”. Caleb said “I know how it feels. But you have to be strong Zoovy, at least for babies. I will be by your side till I die, its my promise.” Zoovy smiled with her teary eyes and said “I love you too Caleb. Promise me you will never leave me no matter what”. Caleb kissed her lips and said “its my promise I will never leave you”.



With the dark clouds gone sky looked brighter. New day had come with new promise and new things. Sun rays penetrating deep into the water made the waster shine even more. Caleb was enjoying the sun rise with Zoovy for the first time on their journey. He smiled looking at his wife who was looking at the sky. He thought she looked more beautiful. Never in his life he thought he would be so happy. He got more than he bargained for. He held Zoovy’s hand and kissed her palm to remind himself its not a dream.

Caleb’s ears couldn’t miss the sound of the bullet fired from a distance. His all senses got alert and he turn around. When he saw the big American Navy ship approaching in their direction he knew it something bad is going to happen. Before he could warn his men American’s fired at his ship.

When Zoovy saw what caught Caleb’s attention her heart skipped its beat. She thought worst part was over not knowing it was just the beginning.She tugged his arm and said “Oh Caleb, We have been attacked!!!”. Caleb didn’t waste any time to order his men to take their position. He turned towards Zoovy and said “pack the necessary things, now”.  Zoovy tried to protest but Caleb said “its my order”.

With hurried steps Zovvy went to her room and packed few of the necessary things for the journey with unwilling mind. When she appeared again on the deck, ship was completely wrecked. She saw Caleb talking to Rall and one of his men. When he saw her standing there he said “you are going with them”.

Zoovy throw her bag on the floor and said “I am not going to leave you Caleb. Not now, not ever. Don’t ever talk about it”. Caleb said “Don’t argue, its time and you have to go with them quickly”. Zoovy slapped him across his face and said “tell me again and I will kill you”. Her eyes were filled with tears already.

Caleb stood there watching his wife fighting with him. He wanted to hug her and say “everything going to be ok, the babies, her, him will be a happy family. He will take care of everything. Even though bullets were fired in all possible direction Caleb stood there watching his wife promising himself it wont take longer. Caleb took all his courage to take his eyes away from his wife and said “This time you obey my orders Zoovy”



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    Here you go 🙂 the curiosity is building up…..


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