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Posted: June 20, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


2 babes, 3 dudes, 4 bikes, 5 condoms and only 1 destination. If you are thinking that I am gonna write some lame love come S** story then you are wrong. In this article you focus the on COUNT… COUNT of those active, energetic, cunning, sportive swimmers. In other words I am talking about sperms.
Today while waiting for my cab I was updating my database under the guidance of my genius cab mate. He is a geek who knows about machines, motors….. Even though his terms make my nerves depressed I just listen to him and try to memorize the words which sound like mackfrungi and zackfrungi(fungi specimens..obviously fake ones) to me. So today he was talking, and as usual my mind was attentive to capture those fungi words and my eyes were rested on familiar street dog. Suddenly he says “you know Armstrong?” I opened my mouth while my mind said “dumb ass you don’t know him too? which school \you went? GK koli mottae (chicken egg)”. But to look smart I said “yeah, the scientist” and made a gesture with my hand. He gave me a knowing smile and said “na cyclist, guy in Yellow.. he has frozen his sperm and stored it. They say cycling decreases your sperm count”. My all sleeping nerves, organs got up “ohh man is he really talking about Sperm?” I asked myself. He said “they say cycling decreases your sperm count which will result in impotency”. He was talking and I was listing not even missing his inhaling sound. I smiled again looking at my cab mate “Wow, I love this generation people they are so easy to talk”. His free info contributed to my existing knowledge of “Things which decreases the swimmers”.

Stress: It is inversely proportional the count. So as Stress increases and count decreases
Vodka : It plays vital role in decreasing the COUNT. It kills all the sportive, active smart swimmers and leave the lazy, lame ones
Mentos: dimag ki bathi jala de and wahan ki batthi buja de.

Laptop on Laps: The heat generated kills the sperms before even they can picturize about their birth

I didnt dare to share my knowledge with him because I am sure he knows all those things. As cab came I chuckled and told myself “soon i am gonna be famous encyclopedia!!!!”

  1. Navee says:

    Really This Generation rocks 🙂 ….didnt get this “2 babes, 3 dudes, 4 bikes, 5 condoms and only 1 destination”


  2. V says:

    Informative GK article


  3. jpdash252 says:

    seems like living a normal life has become too mainstream 🙂


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