Happy 3rd Bday

Posted: May 15, 2014 in My Silly thoughts
With sweat rolling down your body and and scorching sun ruling the atmosphere people are busy getting married, celebrating anniversary. i thought why i shouldnt celebrate when i have a occasion.Its not me who is celebrating bday but  its my 3 years old blog cerebrating its 3rd bday. It was the same day when three years back my darling friend “Chick”(Shurthi) created a blog for me and said “start up gal and never stop. Between you and your blog no one will stand. If people are calling me “budding writer” or “writer” then i guess the credit goes to Chick because if she wouldn’t  have created the blog then i wouldn’t have wrote so much.

I also want to take a minute to recall my readers and well wishers for being always there for me and reading whatever crap i wrote. I also appreciate all those who took some time to like my post in FB, rated the article in blog and Shared among your friends. Saying “Thank you” i dont want to weigh the “writer- reader” relationship.

How i can forget to Thank all my “GUEST” writers for adding flavors to my blog.

I appreciate all my non-official editors and reviewers for taking time to correct the story and telling me the loopholes. Without you i wouldn’t have written those stories

With three years down i am sure with you “reader” by my side ill push many more years with kick-ass stuff. Happy Bday SnLWorld.

  1. swathi says:

    congratulations sil!!keep writing:)


  2. VJ says:

    Hey congrats… 🙂 Its ma b’day toooooo 😛


  3. DEEKS says:

    congrats !!!!!!!!!! keep it writing SNL!!!!


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